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Investing in Yourself is Invaluable

Whether you're new to the healing spiritual realm or if you've been immersed in trainings, retreats, yoga classes and seminars for years, this blog post serves as a reminder for all of us.

How many of us have looked at a retreat, seminar, training or immersion and felt everything in our bodies scream YES but talked ourselves out of it? How often have we said "I can't afford that"? Have you ever wanted to do something but chose not to out of fear or money or time?

Likely all of us can resonate with these statements. Why? Because most of us were taught to live in a lack mindset. This mindset keeps us trapped in the mentality that there is never enough and we are not worthy.

I too lived with this mindset for many years.

About a year ago I was reading a post by Manifestation Babe and she shared that she's personally invested a quarter of a million dollars in her own personal development. This incredible woman has gone on to create a million dollar brand and she personally attributes it to all of the trainings and seminars she has attended. She continued to reiterate the importance of investing in yourself.

This was so inspiring to me and so I began to adopt the same mentality.

When I saw a retreat or training that called to me, I'd mediate on it and truly be open to the answer. Most of the time, I'd receive a clear and bold YES!

With this new perspective, I have begun to invest in myself more and more. 2018 has been a powerful year for me as I've invested in becoming a Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator, signed up for a renowned yoga and marketing retreat, signed up for my 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training, attended a spiritual retreat in the mountains of Utah and have weaved in numerous workshops and day trainings across the country.

Why? Because through these trainings and events, I will continue to grow both a human being and facilitator. I will be able to be a better person and hold a more powerful space for the thousands of women that join me for Goddess Retreats and Sacred Women's Trainings.

By investing in myself, I also attract more financial abundance. Operating in an abundant mindset rather than a lack mindset will allow money to flow back to you. Anytime you invest in something that is truly meant for your highest good, the money will return to you with ease.

The next time you see a retreat or training that speaks to your soul, I encourage you to tune in, meditate on if it's something that will support your journey, and if you receive a yes, make the commitment!

Life is too short to miss out on powerful alignments!

2018 has been my year of trust. I just sent off a few thousand dollars for my 500 RYT but I trust in my heart that I am meant to partake in this sacred experience and I know that this money will return to me with ease.

In gratitude,


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