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Full Moon in Pisces August 2018 - The Powerful Healer

August 27th, 2018 the moon expands into the Full Moon phase, illuminating the earth and the sky.

Everyone I've talked to the last few days has shared that there is a deep layer of intensity abound with this Full Moon. Perhaps you've been feeling extra tired (this is common during the Full Moon time with so many transitions) or maybe you've been feeling called to bathe in the watery and flowy energy of Pisces.

The New Moon a couple weeks ago was the cumulation of many months of retrogrades, eclipses and Solstice energy. This Full Moon in Pisces is now welcoming us into a new phase.

Pisces is an energy of flow, change, love, polarity and healing. Combined with the Full Moon - a time of celebration, gratitude and growth - it's evident the stars truly have aligned for us to begin this new phase of transformation and transition with grace and flow.

The largest reminder we can gain from this sacred moon time is this ~

Let go of the will to force and surrender to the wisdom of trust

If we can learn anything from Pisces, it's the beauty of flow. To trust in the waves and ride them with grace is perhaps the most powerful quality of Pisces.

Are there any areas in your life where you could surrender a little bit more? Have you been forcing a particular alignment over the last few months? Is there an area in your life where you have white-knuckled your way into it?

Choose to soften to the flow and trust that all is flowing to you. It's similar to when we desire something in life like an ideal partner or our dream home and because we are so stuck on the idea of forcing it into reality, we actually push it away. Rather, if we chose to simply drop down into our bodies and trust that it will happen when the timing is right, these things flow right to us with ease.

With this watery Full Moon, see this as a reflection and reminder to surrender to the great shifts in life with grace.

If things in your life are not where you really want them, allow change to happen through grace. Get clear on what you desire to change or remain the same and then trust in the flow. This is a powerful practice in surrendering to the how.

Here are 3 ways to celebrate this Full Moon in Pisces ~

1. Journal on the areas in your life where you can soften. Notice the areas that have felt forceful and tune into what it would be like to surrender more. After you've finished writing it out, create the intention to be patient and lovingly await the things you desire and deserve.

2. Make a full moon bath salt blend and nourish yourself! By creating this time to be still (and in the element of water!) you may find that more clarity flows to you for this next season of life.

3. Do something flowy and creative! Whether it's going to a yoga class, writing or painting, allow yourself to be in the flow with the creative energy of Pisces. Without restriction, allow yourself to be uninhibited as you pour your feelings and emotions onto your mat or canvas.

You are so loved sister with this Full Moon in Pisces. Sending you lunar love and infinite gratitude,

Enjoy this sacred time as you trust the ebb and flow.

With reverence,

Cassandra Wilder

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