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Sister, It's Time to Change Your Relationship with Your Menstrual Cycle

Last week I asked in our GoddessCeremony Sisterhood Facebook Group what tools women had found to reclaim their menstrual cycle. I asked this question to open up a conversation about menstruating and empowerment and many sisters shared that they wished they could reclaim menstruating as sacred but didn't feel it was possible.

I celebrate these women for being so honest and authentic because it reminded me that many women are open to reclaiming their cycle but don't know where to begin.

Some of these sisters shared that their cycles are particularly painful and others shared that they've never felt a connection. Some shared that their cycles had changed after having a baby and others said that they didn't think they'd ever celebrate their cycle until menopause.

After sitting with these response for a while, I decided to write about it because I think many women feel similarly. What I want to remind all women is this:

It is time to change your relationship with your menstrual cycle. It is time to reclaim it.

I firmly believe that all women deserve to have an empowering and sacred experience menstruating every month.

Hatred and resentment towards menstruating has been normalized while embracing it is often seen as strange. This is a misconception that needs to shift.

It's important to remember that most women are going to spend 5 days a month menstruating for 30+ years of their lives - why not make it an enjoyable experience?

Reclaiming your menstrual cycle connects you to wisdom that is as old as time. Women menstruated together for thousands of years and created sacred moon time rituals to honor this sacred time. Many cultures had Red Tents or Moon Lodges and so women would retreat into this sacred space for a few days as they bled onto the earth and exchanged wisdom. This was also a place to rest, dance, sing, weave baskets and connect.

These sacred practices have been lost for most of us but women all over the world are choosing to reclaim their menstrual cycle as a sacred initiation every month. You deserve to see this as a sacred experience every month.

Here are 3 suggestions to see your menstrual cycle as sacred ~

1. Actively choose to support your body in reclaiming your cycle. So often our perspective about menstruation shapes the experience we have every month. Choose to see it as a sacred experience and you'll likely find things shifting in your life and menstrual cycles. Be open to healing this old belief surrounding menstruation!

2. If you have debilitating cramps, severe PMS, irregular cycles, amenorrhea or other menstrual imbalances, see a Naturopath or Integrative Physician to address these imbalances. Every woman needs something different and a session with a care provider will help address the specific needs of your body. You can book a Naturopathic Consultation with Cassandra here.

3. Read our blog post about menstrual care products and why some are not safe for women to use. We offer suggestions for healthier alternatives that are both better for you and encourage a more empowering experience every month.

If you're ready to learn more about making menstruation an empowering and sacred time, listen to our podcast about empowered menstruation here!

Sister, you deserve to feel empowered every month! Choose to see this as a possibility and you will watch your relationship change.

So much love to you on this journey.

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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