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The Wisdom of the Cervix and Why Connecting to Her is Powerful

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

During Sacred Goddess Retreats, we often share about the wisdom of the womb and why connecting to her is so powerful for us as women. In recent years, we have expanded this wisdom to talk about the yoni and cervix as well and we're excited to share our first blog post about the subject!

With any study of the Sacred Feminine, there is so much attention on the womb (and of course for good reason!) while the cervix is very rarely mentioned.

I've met many women who were not sure where the cervix was located or what the significance of it is in the body and I think this really demonstrates the disconnect. So many of us never received adequate information about our bodies or how they work and so really, it's no wonder why so many of us grow up feeling disconnected.

Whether you are familiar with the cervix or if this is very new information, I hope this blog post is empowering for you!


So what is the cervix? The cervix is known as the gateway to the womb. This powerful organ is the entrance way and exit to the womb and this sacred space houses so much wisdom for us as women.

There's a joke that's been said about the cervix - that if men had an organ that could do everything a cervix can, they'd be bragging about it!

This light hearted joke reminds us of just how powerful the cervix is and all that she is capable of.

The cervix is able to grow exponentially during labor to allow the birthing of a baby. The cervix then returns to it's normal size within a few hours. There really isn't another organ that is capable of growing and stretching like the cervix (besides of course the uterus in different ways).

Beyond the physical aspects though, the cervix is deeply connected to our emotions and the way we express ourselves. The anatomy of the cervix and the throat are strikingly similar and reminds us of the wisdom of the body. Many mirrors exist around the body but this one is my favorite. In the photo below, you'll see how both the throat and cervix mirror each other almost exactly.

To make sense of this, imagine a woman giving birth. As she moans and makes deep, primal noises, her cervix opens. This is why as women we feel a natural instinctual desire to make noise and open the mouth as we do it. As a woman does this, her cervix opens.

We also feel a natural instinctual desire to make similar noises during love making. As we make these deep primal noises, our cervix naturally opens. This may allow sperm to travel easier into the cervix and towards an egg.

Isn't it amazing that the throat and cervix are so seemingly different and yet so deeply connected?

The emotion that is tied to the cervix is fulfillment. In my study of women, I find that generally women who report imbalances of the cervix also feel unfulfilled in their lives, both personally and sexually.

When we connect to our cervix, we connect to the space of fulfillment, expression and creativity. By living connected to this space, we live in an embodied, authentic way.

If you want to learn more about the cervix and how to heal this sacred space, listen to our podcast episode here all about the wisdom of the cervix!

Or join me through the layers of supporting the cervix, getting clear Pap smears and addressing HPV in our Balanced Cervix Masterclass

Part Two on how to connect to the cervix will be coming in a couple weeks! Be sure to check the GoddessCeremony Blog daily M-F to see new empowering blog posts!

In gratitude, Cassandra Wilder

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