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New Moon in Leo August 2018 - Permission to Rise

On August 12th, 2018 the sacred moon wanes into the new moon phase. Returning inward and in her darkest phase, the new moon reminds us of the shadow, the past and how we can prepare for all that is yet to come.

This sacred new moon has aligned in the sign of Leo, a fiery sign of bravery and embodiment.

So much has changed and shifted in the last couple months. We've flowed through retrogrades, eclipses and nearly everything in-between. If life has felt chaotic, ungrounded or unpredictable lately for you, you are not alone! With this new moon in Leo, we finally observe a quiet moment to reconnect, breathe and gain clarity.

The greatest question this new moon time offers us is this: What in your life are you ready to heal?

This sacred new moon time offers us the permission we need to rise. While the new moon is a deep time of introspection and shadow work, this Leo new moon offers something really special: the bravery we need to really do the work.

Perhaps we have been on the path of healing and transformation for a long time but haven't felt ready to fully let go of the past. Perhaps we've been feeling a bit stuck in our lives but haven't known what to do to move past it.

If this is you sister, now is the time to look within and ask yourself the powerful question.

This sacred new moon time is offering you a loving and supportive space to do the work so that you may rise. Allow this moon time to support you in rising into the work you are meant to do. Allow it to support you in rising into your most empowered, conscious self. Allow it to support you in rising into the next phase of your life.

When we are supported like this to transcend the old and step into the new, we stand on a powerful brink of transformation. All of the change and transition that the last few months have carried are beginning to wind down and so now more than ever is the time to rise. You have the permission you need to rise - claim it!

Six planets are retrograde during this new moon (including mercury) so it's an especially potent time to ground and stay connected to your breath. Remember that life offers us perspective to teach us. If things are seemingly going wrong in your life, see this as a moment to be grateful for the times when life is flowing beautifully. Life is about perspective. Allow this to be an opportunity for growth.

Here are 3 ways to celebrate this sacred new moon in Leo ~

1. Practice self care with this new moon. Because the energy is high and because so much is shifting astrologically, this is an especially important time to offer yourself self care. See 33 self care ideas here.

2. Get quiet in nature. Over the next couple days, carve out some time to be in nature. Lay out in the grass, journal or go for a walk in the woods. Make time to be in nature and simply BE. This is your sacred time to surrender to the flow.

3. Hold a fire ceremony for yourself and journal on what you are ready to heal in your life. If you are ready to let go of something in your life, write it out and then throw it into the fire. This is your time to RISE sister!

Be gentle with yourself during this new moon and remember that all things are happening for a reason. Trust in the Divine flow and surrender to all that needs to be.

May you heal all that is meant to be healed and rise into the next season of your live. You are so loved.

With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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