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How to Hold a Blessingway for Pregnant Mamas

If you or a friend are pregnant, a Blessingway is a life changing gathering that focuses on honoring the pregnant mother. Unlike a baby shower which focuses on the baby, a Blessingway focuses on the mother and her powerful transition between maiden and mother.

A Blessingway has sacred roots in the Navajo tradition though many cultures around the world had similar gatherings for pregnant women. This healing and supportive space offers recognition to the mother and allows the space for her to be celebrated!

If you are holding a Blessingway, here are a few ideas~

-Create a healing and welcoming space. Remove any clutter and create places for everyone to sit either on the floor in a circle or in chairs

-Welcome each sister into the space and then discuss the meaning of a Blessingway and why you are all gathered there (keep in mind most people have never heard of a Blessingway)

-Begin weaving the mother a flower crown, giving her a foot soak or massaging her shoulders

-Welcome a henna artist into the space to henna her belly if that resonates with her

-Enjoy beautiful organic food together as you celebrate the mother

This of course is a very simple flow for a Blessingway but it serves the same purpose as all other types - to honor the mama.

If you are interested in learning more about Blessingways, the history of them and how to hold them in your community, sign up for our Women's Blessingway Guide Training! This go-at-your-own-pace training was designed with the intention to teach you the sacred art of Blessingways and applicable tools and flows to lead them in your community.

Whether you're leading just one for a friend or if you'd like to offer these regularly in your area, this training is for you!

May you create a healing and life changing space!

In gratitude,

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