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GoddessCeremony is Hiring! Join our Team and Apply Here!

We are honored to announce a job opening with the GoddessCeremony Team! We are seeking a motivated, detail oriented, efficient woman to add to our team as a Goddess Assistant. We would prefer to work with a woman who lives locally to the Salt Lake City area though we are open to any woman within the United States.

We are looking for a woman who truly has a passion for the Goddess, women’s empowerment and the Sacred Feminine. We would love to find someone who does not just view this as a job but rather sees this as a massive opportunity for growth.

This position will be done predominantly remotely and so being a self starter and very efficient is a MUST. You must have a computer, internet and space in your life to have a 15+ hour a week job. Specific hours will be set with GoddessCeremony after the hiring process.

Duties of the Goddess Assistant will include:

-Respond to emails with promptness, warmth and professionalism

-Send out emails for all online trainings and reservations

-Manage reservations

-Manage social media accounts

-Manage blog and schedule posts

-Scout venues for retreats and events

-Manage expenses

-Write content for blog and social media accounts

-Create relationships with other sustainable businesses

-Manage scheduling

Skills the Goddess Assistant will have:

-extremely detail oriented

-excellent grammar and spelling

-60 WPM

-social media experience (specifically facebook, instagram and pinterest)

-intermediate SEO understanding

-very efficient and excellent with time management

-self starter

-great communication with guests as well as with the GoddessCeremony Team

-experience working in customer service and who offers all guests and clients warm and helpful support

-reliable, honest and upfront

-sees herself working with GoddessCeremony long term

-has reverence for the Goddess and women

-has integrity

We would prefer to work with a woman who does not have her own retreat business. We would love to be able to co-create together and feel that will be easier if full attention can go into GoddessCeremony and the offerings we are creating.

This job has the opportunity to expand into a full time position. The Goddess Assistant role will begin at 15 hours per week. As needed, we will expand into more hours.

Pay is dependant upon experience.

How to apply:

To apply to this job, please email the following to GoddessCeremony@gmail.com

-your professional resume

-3 professional references

-and please copy and paste these questions into your email and answer them below:

-Who are you and why does this position call to you?

-Why do you feel you’d be a great addition to the GoddessCeremony Team?

-What specific skills do you have that make you a great candidate?

-Where are you located?

-Do you have any other jobs? If so, what are they?

-What has been the most rewarding experience of your life?

-What has been the hardest experience of your life?

-What are your long term goals with GoddessCeremony?

-How did you hear about this job posting?

-Is there anything else we should know about you?

After we receive your application, we will be in touch within 14 days! Thank you for your patience and desire to work alongside us!

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder


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