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Recommended Book of the Month: To Be A Man

Every month we share our favorite book we've found along the lines of spirituality, healing, empowerment and growth. For our September 2019 book of the month, we're recommending the book To Be a Man by Robert Augustus Masters. Enjoy!

Perhaps you've clicked this blog in surprise to see GoddessCeremony recommending a book on the Divine Masculine and if so, we understand. Over the last few months, I've personally been diving into the wisdom of the Divine Masculine and healing for a number of reasons: 1) because we all have masculine energy within us and so by understanding the masculine, we also understand ourselves at a deeper level. And 2) I have felt called to support the masculine in general and understand the wounding that many men carry from their own life experiences.

This book has been absolutely amazing to read and learn from. While it's obviously geared towards men, the points throughout the book can resonate with anyone. Deep subjects like trauma, guilt, repression of emotions, sexuality and aggression are discussed at length, and I found myself realizing just how challenging it is to be a human being in general in this world.

The Feminine tends to hear messages like: you're too much, be nice, beauty is the most important thing, stay small, don't speak up, be polite, etc. And many of us have likely heard these messages growing up. The Masculine on the other hand tends to hear messages like: man up, don't be such a pussy, emotion is bad or girly, aggression is a symbol of manliness, sexualization is okay, etc.

If you are wanting to understand yourself at a greater level, or your partner, or any divine man in your life, this book is phenomenal.

I truly believe that for this world to heal, we must honor and celebrate both the Masculine and Feminine within ourselves and within other beings. Fighting against one another or polarizing these energies will only further the divide. It is up to us to rise above it and begin this dialogue from a space of love, compassion and understanding.

If you read this book, let us know below!

With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder


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