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Vaginal Steam Recipe DIY

If you've been searching for a recipe to make your own vaginal steam kit, this blog post is for you! Vaginal steaming is a healing and ancient practice that has been used for hundreds of years to support the health of the vagina and reproductive system.

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Making your own vaginal steam recipe can be empowering and it also allows you to personalize what kinds of herbs you use in your blend.

An important note of caution: If you are unfamiliar with herbs or herbal blending, I recommend setting up a private session to discuss your health, your intentions with steaming and how to make this practice the most healing tool possible. Herbal medicine is a potent healing modality and so care must always be taken!

If you are looking for a general, healing vaginal steam recipe, this one below works well for most women!

Vaginal Steam Recipe ~

-1 cup red raspberry leaf

-1/4 cup lavender flowers

-1/4 cup rosemary leaves

-1/4 cup lemonbalm leaves

-1/4 cup yarrow leaves

-dash of sea salt

-1/8 cup dried rose petals

In a large bowl, mix these herbs together. This should make enough for 3 separate steams so save 2/3s for later and prepare to add 1/3 to your hot water.

Note: I always recommend using organic herbs

How to do Vaginal Steaming~

-In a large pot, put 6 or so cups of water and approximately a 1/2 cup of your herb mix

-Turn the stove onto medium high, cover your pot and turn on a timer for 13 minutes (note that probably 5 or so minutes in the water will start boiling - this is okay. Let it go the full 13 minutes)

-After 13 minutes, remove the cover and feel the steam with your hand. Be mindful to not burn yourself. When the steam feels ok on your hand, set the pot on the ground to squat over it or get your yoni steaming stool ready

-Steam for 10 to 15 minutes with a large blanket wrapped around you


If you're unfamiliar with herbs or herb blending, you can purchase our Organic Vaginal Steam Kit here. We offer 3 beautiful blends of organic herbs: our Postpartum Kit, General Support Kit or Balancing Kit. All orders also come with a detailed explanation of how to steam, contraindications and general support.

If you want to learn more about vaginal steaming, when to avoid it and other helpful tips, listen to our podcast about vaginal steaming here!

May your steaming process be liberating and healing!

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder



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