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New Moon in Cancer July 2018: Heal

On Thursday, July 12th, 2018 the moon wanes into the sacred New Moon time. Aligning in the water sign of Cancer and alongside a solar eclipse, now is a potent time to do one thing: heal.

The cancer energy swirling around us may bring up excess emotions and tenderness in our hearts. You may have also been feeling called to look back on the past and reflect on things that have happened and that have wounded a part of you.

It is with this flowing and rhythmic cancer energy that we are encouraged to reflect, be still and honor the experiences of our pasts.

Have you been feeling reminiscent of the past over the last few days? Have things become more clear for you recently about old relationships, friendships or experiences? This is the cancer New Moon holding space for you and allowing what is needed to rise to the surface.

It is interesting that cancer offers us a warm, nurturing space to heal and grow while the solar eclipse energy tends to shake things up and potentially cause some chaos. It is the yin and the yang, the flow and the rigidity, the wisdom of groundedness and the wisdom of surrender that allows life to flow.

Can you find the beautiful balance of healing in your life? Are you ready to heal and rise, sister?

Now is the time to find compassion for your journey and your healing. Can you offer yourself the loving, supportive energy of cancer while also being open to ride the wave?

With the loving energy of the cancer New Moon, you are being reminded of the beauty of healing.

Read more about how to celebrate a Solar Eclipse here

Here's 3 ways to celebrate this sacred new moon time ~

1. Journal on the things you are ready to let go of with this new moon. Write out everything that no longer serves you or feels heavy for you and then burn the paper if possible. This powerful ritual is something I recommend doing with every new moon.

2. Take space to rest and simply be. Typically as women we feel the lowest amount of energy during the new moon so this is a key time to practice self care and rejuvenate. See our top 22 suggestions for self care here

3. Allow yourself to reflect on the past and the things that you still hold in your body. What are these experiences carrying for you? Are you ready to let them go? And if not, do these things serve you in your life? Be gentle with yourself as you reflect on the past and old experiences. You may find it helpful to journal about the past and what you are ready to make space for instead.

Allow yourself to feel. Allow yourself to be present. Allow yourself to know that you are loved the way that you are.

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I bow to you sister. Be gentle with yourself during this New Moon time.

In lunar gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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