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3 Fun and Simple Partner Yoga Poses

Partner yoga is a fun and effective way to go deeper in poses. If you have a friend or partner who would like to join you in these poses, have fun!

1. Heart Opener Rock Pose

In this pose, bring your backs together and fold the legs. As one person exhales, they'll begin to fold forward. While partner A does this, partner B will follow partner A's back for a gentle heart opener. Hold for as long as you'd like or rock back and forth with each breath. In the forward fold, you should feel a stretch through the hips and in the heart opener, you should feel expansion in the chest.

2. Double Boat Pose

This pose is a lot of fun! I'm not sure anyone looks forward to boat pose in yoga but this partner yoga version is so much fun. Facing each other, you'll grab each others' wrists and then slowly begin to bring the bottoms of the feet together. When you're ready, you'll begin to lift both feet! Stay here or play with letting go of one hand and trying to stay balanced.

3. Double Downward Dog

This one is a bit trickier than the other ones but is easier than it looks. One person will come into downward dog while the other partner will bring their hands in front of partner A's hands. Then, using core strength, partner B will begin to step up onto partner A's hip bones. Be really mindful here to not step onto their low back! Instead, find the boney points on their hips. You can then press out of your hands and into your feet. This pose feels amazing for the bottom downward dog.

Comment below and let us know if you tried these poses at home!

With gratitude,

All photos are by Megan Lendman Photography and are from our January 2018 Costa Rica Goddess Retreat. Please do not use these photos without permission.

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