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Resources for Women's Circle Leaders

As women's circle leaders, it can be difficult to find everything you need for your sacred circles. We are grateful to have put together a list of resources that we feel all women's circle leaders need! We hope you find it helpful.

Women's Circle Leader Resources ~

Anointing Oil - an anointing oil is a key part of a women's circle. Generally, an anointing oil is made of healing plant essences, essential oils, organic carrier oils and are generally blessed beneath the moon. Purchase a women's anointing oil here

Energy Clearing Spray - this spray helps to clear negative energy and encourage a space of healing, femininity and grace. Purchase energy clearing spray here

Sage - sage is absolutely key to any circle space. Burn sage before leading a women's circle to help clear away negative or stagnant energy. Purchase sage here

Talking Stick - a talking stick is a helpful way to support women in having the space to be witnessed and heard. Getting a talking stick that is crystal adorned and blessed beneath the moon is ideal. Purchase a talking stick here

Flower Essences - flower essences help to create a healing, supportive space for the women who join you. Using flower essences will help the sisters ground and feel safety within the circle. Purchase flower essences here

By having the right tools in your circle space, you will create an even more healing and empowering for all sisters who join you.

If you'd like to learn more about women's circle creation and how to guide women in your community, reserve your spot for our Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Training!

In lunar gratitude,


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