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Empowered Relationships: Honoring the Need for Space in Relationships

We are excited to share the next blog post in the Empowered Relationship section of the GoddessCeremony Blog!

While every relationship is different and each person has different needs, space in relationships is for most of us a deeply needed and hugely beneficial thing to have within a relationship.

And yet, the need (or lack of need) of space is often grounds for an argument or misalignment in a relationship.

Below we've shared our top 3 suggestions for space in relationships. We hope this is helpful for you and your sacred partnership!

1. Honor your different desires and needs for time together

One thing that made a huge different for my partner and I was openly communicating about what we needed in the relationship. He was in a space where he needed more time to work on his projects and when he communicated to me that it was not personal and instead just something he felt very passionate about, I was able to honor his need and become supportive.

2. Celebrate your differences

Having different hobbies is healthy and key, according to some researchers. Taking space to do fulfilling activities is so important in relationships and also allows you to have enough space to really miss your partner. If you have a yoga class, art therapy program or workshop that nourishes you, go to it! As you create space for soul nourishing activities, you will show up more nourished in your relationship with your partner.

Allow space for your partner to go to activities he / she enjoys doing too. Holding a supportive, compassionate space will also allow them to be fulfilled by the things they love.

3. Create quality time together

When you are together, create a space that is supportive and healing to your partnership. Rather than watching a movie together, consider going for a walk, having a long conversation about your day or cooking dinner together. This allows you to be present with each other in a quality format. Make the most of your time together by being really present with your partner.

We hope that these tools are helpful for you on your journey!

In gratitude,


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