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Full Moon in Capricorn June 2018

On June 27th, 2018 the sacred moon waxes into the Full Moon time. Aligning in the earth sign of Capricorn, this sacred moon time offers us a variety of lessons and reminders for our own sacred journeys.

Have you been feeling misalignments in your life lately? Have you faced some hard lessons over the last week? You are not alone if so!

Many of us have been feeling old wounds and old habits show up in the form of spiritual lessons lately and so much of it has been influenced by this moon time.

The Capricorn Full Moon offers us new wisdom, deep ambition and clarity on our paths, but this all comes at a price. While Capricorn offers us the space to create new intentions, it also reminds us to look at the past, our old habits and the experiences we carry with us.

Many women have shared with me over the last few days that they've been going through difficult spiritual lessons and having to heal old wounds. Since the Summer Solstice last week, many things have been shifting and so now is the time to honor the spiritual lessons in front of you and transcend them.

Do you often avoid caring for yourself but recently found that most of your plans have fallen through? Do you sometimes avoid doing the deeper work but continue to be pulled to do it? This is the Full Moon guiding you to offer yourself what is needed and it's not always easy.

Take a moment to reflect on your life and what continues to show up for you. Patterns are powerful reminders of our influence over our lives. Is there anywhere in your life where you feel called to go (even though you may feel resistant)? Sit with this and journal on it. Likely there is something under the surface that is ready to be healed.

This Full Moon also comes at a time when 6 planets are in retrograde, making this an even more potent time to look at the spiritual lessons surrounding us.

This Full Moon time comes just a few weeks before a Solar Eclipse on July 12th. This will mark a time of even more change and growth.


Here's how to celebrate this Full Moon in Capricorn ~

1. Journal on what has been coming up for you lately. What spiritual lessons continue to come back to you? Is there a pattern that you see in your life? Choose to look within and then journal on what you find. You may be surprised! If you do realize a pattern, offer yourself compassion and grace as you choose to heal.

2. Manifest with this sacred Full Moon! Tune into this direct Capricorn energy and write out your dream manifestation. Take time to fully tune into the life of your dreams and then write it down. Learn how to manifest here.

3. Ground with this Capricorn energy on the earth. Make space in your life this evening to sit outside and place your bare feet upon the earth. Allow the moon and earth to recharge you and liberate you.


Have a beautiful Full Moon time, sister!

In reverence to you,

Cassandra Wilder

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