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Empowered Relationships: My Favorite Relationship Books and Resources

We are excited to share the next blog post in the Empowered Relationship section of the GoddessCeremony Blog!

We are often asked what our favorite books are for relationships and if there are any must-have books for relationships. So, we have created a list of our top relationship books and why we recommend them!

1. It Takes One to Tango - Winifred Reilly Just the name of the book had my attention one afternoon in Barnes & Noble. Intrigued, I flipped through the book and learned that this author believed that when we do our own work and heal ourselves, we in many ways heal the relationship. While this felt like a very foreign concept to me, I was open to learning more and so I purchased it. Now, this is one of my most recommended books because it reminds us of the impact we can make in a relationship by simply doing our own inner work.

This would be a great book to read solo if you feel your partner isn't open to healing or fixing the relationship. Or, this would also be a great book to read together as a couple.

I found the book to be very insightful about personal healing and I felt inspired to look within at myself as I approached relationship conflict rather than project on my partner.

2. Celebrating Partnership - Alison Armstrong

Alison Armstrong has many excellent books and Celebrating Partnership is one of my favorites! I recommend the audiobook to Audible because this recording isn't actually her reading a book and rather it is a live recording of one of her relationship seminars.

Alison is such a genuine, warm individual who passionately shares her wisdom about the feminine and masculine and how to find balance with our partners. She is known as an expert on men's and women's psychology and has been studying relationships for over 4 decades.

This is a great book to listen to with your partner as you begin to tune into your different needs and wants within your relationship. Highly recommended!

3. The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson

The Enneagram is a life changing tool, especially in relationships! Through the study of the Enneagram you will begin to determine which type you and your partner are, how these types integrate and a roadmap to your healing process.

The Enneagram is truly one of my favorite tools because when we understand what Enneagram type someone is, we see them to a depth that we may not have witnessed otherwise. Understanding an Enneagram type may allow you to understand your partner even greater than your wildest dreams.

Other Powerful Resources for Relationships~

If you are looking to support the health of your relationship and begin to create an empowering sacred partnership, we also recommend the following resources:

-Empowered Loving couple's online program with Shems Heartwell

-Alison Armstrong has a variety of courses on her website about healing relationships

-Begin to explore the balance of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within. When we learn how to celebrate the masculine or feminine within each other, we can cultivate a deep respect and reverence for one another

We hope that these tools are helpful for you on your journey!

In gratitude,


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