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Our Favorite Period Tracking App for Women

There are so many period tracking apps on the market these days and so it can feel overwhelming at first to pick one that works for you. We have taken the time to review and use various period tracking apps and have found the one that is the most comprehensive and user friendly for women to use.

If you are looking for an app on your phone to track your ovulation patterns, when you menstruate, discharge or cervix position, having a good app is so vital! Whether you are trying to get pregnant or avoid getting pregnant, understanding what is going on within your body is key.

The days of tracking all of this on paper are over for most of us because of the simplicity of apps.

Through all of the different apps we tested and reviewed, our top pick Period Tracking App for women is Life.

Life is a free app that allows you to do a variety of things. The features on this app include ~

-tracking days you were intimate

-tracking days of menstruation

-tracking and predicting ovulation patterns

-option to insert temperature patterns

-option to insert cervix position patterns

-option to insert discharge patterns

-option to track mood, acne, tiredness and more

-option to track weight

-option to set reminders for ovulation or menstruation

-beautiful user friendly interface

-full history of all of your monthly patterns with menstruation and ovulation

If you want the full version of the app, there is a one time $5 purchase that is necessary to get complete access to everything in the app. I found that this investment was well worth the price!

Life is our favorite app because of how simple it is to use, how attractive the interface is and how much information can be typed into the app. This truly is a powerful way to understand your body even deeper!

I highly recommend tracking your cycle regularly. We will be sharing a blog post soon about the top ways to track your cycle so stay tuned!

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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