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Upcoming 2018 Sacred Women's Retreats + Goddess Retreats

So far this year we have been honored to lead Sacred Goddess Retreats in Costa Rica, Michigan, Texas and Arizona! Thank you so much to all of you who have joined us for these sacred retreats!

We've received a lot of emails recently from people asking us what other Goddess Retreats are coming up this year and so we are excited to share some details about upcoming retreats!

Our Upcoming Goddess Retreats include~

Utah Goddess Retreat - June 2018 - SOLD OUT

Idaho Goddess Retreat - June 2018 - SOLD OUT

Vermont Goddess Retreat - July 2018

Alaska Goddess Retreat - August 2018

Utah Goddess Retreat - August 2018

We will also be announcing Goddess Retreats this year in~

New Mexico - September TBA

Arkansas - September TBA

Texas - October TBA

Costa Rica - November TBA

Costa Rica - December TBA

And more! We'll be announcing more retreats throughout the year!

If you feel called to sit within a sacred space with us, to reconnect to the wild woman within and to connect with like minded sisters, join us for a Sacred Goddess Retreat this year!

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In gratitude,


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