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New Moon Taurus May 2018 ~ Remembering the Goddess

On May 15th, 2018 the sacred moon wanes into the New Moon time. Aligning in the earth sign of Taurus, this moon time has powerful gifts and reminders for all of us!

One huge and powerful alignment going on astrologically right now is the transition of Uranus into the cycle of Taurus. This alignment reminds us of the Goddess, the Great Mother and the feminine rising within each of us. Uranus is also known as the reformer and liberator in terms of change.

While things continue to shift and while we may feel the desire to stay still, root down and hope for the best, now is the time for expansion and growth.

This sacred New Moon is peeling open the layers for a new paradigm. This is not the time to fall into Taurus' stubborn energy. This is the time for each of us to rise!

For many of us, this sacred New Moon time allows us to remember the Goddess that exists within all things. The feminine is rising and we as women are being called to step forward and support the transition.

With this New Moon, you may feel called to let go of limiting beliefs and old wounds that still show up in your life. The New Moon holds space for you to navigate what is no longer serving you.

This is your time to let go of the things that keep you separate from the Divine Feminine and to rise into the Goddess that lives within you. To see the similarities that bind us all together rather than our differences is hugely powerful!

If it resonates with you, I recommend making space this evening to journal on the following questions~

1. Is there anything in my life that I feel holds me back?

2. Am I willing to let go of this experience?

3. How does the Goddess show up for me in my life?

4. How can I rise in the Divine Feminine in my own life and community?

How did those questions feel to answer?

They are intended to bring you gentle awareness towards what you can let go of and how you can rise.

You are worthy of feeling aligned, inspired and empowered in your life.

May this New Moon offer you the wisdom that you need to make deep shifts in your life. May this New Moon remind you of your worth and significance in this world. May this New Moon be the catalyst for the feminine in rising.

And so it is.

In lunar gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder


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