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5 Foods That Help Support Hormone Health

In a world of toxins and hormone disrupters, taking steps to support hormone health is vital! Especially as women, learning how to naturally support our hormone health is essential.

Sadly, many women this year will be diagnosed with health conditions that are related to hormone imbalances within the body.

I am a firm believer that knowledge is power and so when we know better, we can do better. By understanding what foods will support your hormone health, you'll have the wisdom to feed your body with nourishing foods and do better for your body!

These are the top 5 foods that I recommend for supporting hormone health:

1. Eat Plenty of Healthy Fats!

Likely you've heard from diet books or even from a physician that fat is bad for you and will make you fat. However, the exact opposite is true! Fat will in fact not make you fat and instead is necessary for many body processes. One of these key processes is hormone health and regulation.

When we nourish our bodies with enough healthy fats, we can support heart health, hormone balance and naturally increase our sex drive!

Healthy fats include olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, avocados, butter, tallow, ghee and nuts. These items should always be organic!

I do not recommend vegetable oil, canola oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, margarine or any other hydrogenated oil. If you have these in your cupboard, throw them out!

I like to cook my meals in organic coconut oil or butter and enjoy an avocado with some olive oil on a salad or some organic nuts for a quick snack. Try to diversify the kinds of fat you consume each day! If adding fat to your diet sounds difficult, know that it will become second nature very soon.

Wild Alaskan salmon, cod liver oil and other fatty fish are also excellent ways to get more fat into your diet.

2. Consume Raw Carrots Daily

Consuming a carrot a day may truly keep the doctor away! Carrots contain a fiber that helps remove excess estrogen from the body and support hormone balance. Eating raw carrots may radically help to support female hormones.

If you are interested in this option, be sure to read Empowered Sustenance's blog post about how to prepare your carrots each day.

3. Load Up On Greens This is your reminder to eat your green veggies! Broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, spinach and asparagus provide the body with fiber that helps support detoxification.

Eating plenty of greens will also help you have regular bowel movements which supports detoxification and hormone balance. Being able to detox will allow your body to remove excess estrogen and bring your hormones back into balance.

My dinner most evenings consists of a large green salad with avocado, tomato, sprouts, bell pepper and a high fat organic dressing alongside sauteed zucchini, baked asparagus, cauliflower rice and brussel sprouts. This is truly my favorite meal!

4. Begin Making Bone Broth Bone broth is the new fad diet but is it really a new idea? Nope! Bone broth has been prepared since the beginning of time to support health. When you were a kid, you may have been given chicken noodle soup when you were sick. Why? For hundreds of years bone broth was known to support immune function and nourish the body and so traditionally you would have been given a cup of broth to help heal. While Campbell's chicken noodle soup certainly does not have the same healing effect, that's why broth is known as the go-to food when under the weather!

Bone broth provides the body with a variety of minerals, healthy fats and amino acids to support hormone health.

Making your own homemade bone broth is incredibly simple. Read our blog post here about how to make bone broth.

If you are unable to make bone broth, I really like Dr. Axe's bone broth products. Be sure to buy the organic ones!

5. Eat Some Liver

If the idea of eating liver makes you nauseas, I understand! I was once horrified by the idea, too. However when we look at all cultures around the world, every culture consumed organ meats because of their rich mineral content.

While many of us wouldn't consider this a food, consuming liver is one of the best ways to support hormone health because it is full of Vitamin A.

If the idea of cooking liver is too much for you, I highly recommend these liver supplements. I consume these daily and feel a huge difference in my health, energy levels and hormones.

I hope that this information is helpful for you as you reclaim your health and support your body! We'll be sharing more tips about what to avoid in order to support hormone health soon so be sure to check the GoddessCeremony Blog regularly! We have a new blog post everyday Monday - Friday!

If you're looking for more resources about hormone health, I recommend this blog post by Wellness Mama and this blog post by Empowered Sustenance.

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder, N.D.

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