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Six Supplements that I Take Every Day as a Naturopath

Being a Naturopathic Doctor, I am asked this question all of the time. People often wonder what I eat, if I have any special dietary restrictions or allergies, if I supplement, if I believe in protein shakes... the list goes on!

I'm excited to talk a bit about the six supplements that I do take daily and why I've made them a part of my morning routine. It's important to note that I am not vegan and some of these supplements are not vegan. Everything below however is of the highest quality, organic, dairy free, gluten free, etc.

These supplements are what feel really good to me and it's important to remember that our bodies are all different and require different things. A high fat (healthy fats!) diet feels really good in my body but that may not be true for you.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

1. Vital Proteins Collagen I began taking collagen about a year ago and have noticed a big difference in my hair, skin and nails. I add this collagen to my smoothie every morning to get a boost of extra protein and to make sure I am getting enough collagen. Collagen also helps to repair the joints and support mobility so if you are an avid yogi or like to work out, collagen is really lovely for the body!

I personally like Vital Proteins a lot because of their close attention to quality and very good ingredients. They also sell other collagen powders with superfoods and vegetables and these are always organic. If you are open to adding collagen into your diet, definitely look into Vital Proteins! Buy it here.

2. Dr. Axe Bone Broth Protein

This is a new addition to my diet but I was dedicated to finding the best organic protein powder that I could add to my daily smoothies. I used to purchase Garden of Life's vegan protein powder, but after they sold out to Nestle, I am very skeptical of their quality and integrity. So, I had to find a new high quality, organic protein powder.

Dr. Axe's bone broth powders intrigued me because bone broth is incredibly healing and nutrient dense. Within my Naturopathic training, I probably heard the words bone broth at least 5,000 times. And while you can make your own broth at home, I decided that this was probably a really bio-available protein and would allow me to get extra minerals and healthy fats into my diet.

This protein powder has excellent ingredients, is made from organic chicken bones, has lots of anti-inflammatory turmeric and has a pleasant, mild taste in a smoothie. Buy it here.

3. Dr. D'Adamo Blood Type O Polyvite

I am a huge fan of Dr. D'Adamo's supplement line and his work in general. He is the creator of the well known Blood Type Diet and his research found that certain foods cause inflammatory reactions in some blood types while not in others.

I am a blood type O and so I use his Blood Type O Polyvite supplement each day. It's full of B Vitamins, herbs and bio-available nutrients that energize me in the mornings.

Dr. D'Adamo's supplements are made with high quality ingredients, are priced pretty well and are also available on Amazon (always a plus these days!) Buy it here.

4. Chlorophyll Chlorophyll is a blue-green algae that is very nutrient dense and bursting with nutrients! Chlorophyll is a good source of B vitamins, iodine, calcium and iron making it quite the superfood.

I like to add chlorophyll powder into my smoothies each morning to help make sure I am getting plenty of greens into my diet, support my iron levels and support the health of my thyroid. It is important to know that the source of your chlorophyll is VERY important so be cautious when buying. A lot of chlorophyll is being grown in China where there are less standards for water purity and testing. If you can find a chlorophyll product that is grown in Taiwan and organic, that is the highest quality. Buy it here.

5. Rootz Nutrition Post-Workout Powder In the last few months I have begun to work out more regularly and make my physical health a priority! With all of the extra energy expenditure though, I've had to learn how to get extra protein into my diet in safe ways. I like Rootz Nutrition a lot because it's a very small company based out of L.A. and is made from high quality superfoods, organic vegan protein and stevia as the sweetener.

I have been drinking this after hard workouts where I feel depleted and need some extra protein. Not only is it delicious, but it's also really effective at restoring my muscles. I love it! If you are really into working out, they also have an amazing pre-workout! Buy it here.

6. Liver Capsules

Yes, I'm really going to talk about liver capsules! While the idea makes some squeamish, this is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet! Most cultures around the world traditionally consumed organ meats because of how nutrient dense they are. While I'm not necessary advocating to eat lots of organ meat, I do like this liver supplement because I still receive the health benefits of liver... but don't have to actually cook and eat liver!

Liver is very high in iron, supports cardiovascular health, is naturally energizing, a very concentrated form of Vitamin A, is bursting full of B Vitamins and so much more!

If you are going to consume liver or take liver capsules, always make sure that it is from healthy, grass-fed or organic cattle. It is not wise to eat the liver of an unhealthy, hormone pumped cow. Be mindful of your source! Buy it here.

I hope this was somewhat helpful for you! If you'd like to see a vegan supplement guide here on GoddessCeremony, please comment below and let me know!

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder



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