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This Simple Self Care Practice Will Radically Change Your Breast Health

Just as we talk about supporting the womb space and our menstrual cycles, it is also equally important to talk about breast health! A few months ago we did a full blog post about the top three ways to support breast health, but today we wanted to share our top recommendation for breast health!

Supporting breast health is so important for women. Rates of breast cancer, breast cysts (benign and malignant) and other serious diseases have become far too common in our world and so it's important that we each do our best to support our breast health.

So, let's dive in! What is the top practice you can do to support your breast health?

One of the most powerful self care practices that you have is regularly massaging your breasts! Why? Keep reading below!

The Healing Effects of Regular Breast Massages~

Each time you massage your breasts, you are stimulating your lymphatic system and supporting stagnant lymph in flowing. One of the main lymphatic ducts in the body is located near the breasts and armpits. Especially if you wear bras regularly, doing regular breast massages is a must!

Stagnant or blocked lymph has been associated with breast cancer, breast growths and an inability to detoxify adequately. By taking a few minutes each day, you can support your lymph in flowing and thus, greatly support your breast health!

How to do a Breast Massage~

Carve out 5 minutes or so after showering or during your day to massage your breasts. Remove your clothing and bra and grab some oil to begin the massage. I recommend using organic jojoba oil or coconut oil - it's really important to use a high quality, organic oil for this! Slowly begin massaging the breasts firmly, working your way around the breast. Be sure to massage beneath the breasts as well as around the sides near your armpits. Your pressure should be firm but not painful. This is also an opportunity to regularly check your breasts for any new lumps or growths so be aware of how your breasts feel.

There are 4 main breast massaging exercises that you can do. These include:

-Standing straight up and massaging around the breast

-Lifting one arm and massaging the breast into the armpit to promote lymph draining

-Bending forward so that your breasts are hanging and massaging them

-Gently shaking the breasts or more vigorously moving them to support lymph flow

If your intention is to specifically help your lymph drain, massage from the nipple towards the armpit in long strokes. Make sure you have enough oil for this movement to be comfortable.

Note: If you feel anything abnormal like a lump or hard spot, we recommend seeing your doctor immediately.

How often should you do a breast massage?

It's up to you but every other day is a good goal. Some women prefer to do it once a week while others make this part of their daily routine. Carve out a few minutes to massage each breast thoroughly.

Are there other ways to support the lymph?

Yes! Regular exercise is another great way to stimulate lymph flow and drainage. If you wear a bra or sports bra regularly, you may consider opting for a less tight shirt or bra while working out. This will allow your breasts to have some movement.

See our blog post here for more recommendations on how to support breast health!

You can also listen to our podcast here with 4 powerful suggestions to support breast health.

We hope that this has been helpful for you and has inspired you to make breast massages a regular part of your routine!

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