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Choosing to Ditch Makeup: Why this Transformed my Life

I'm often asked if I wear makeup and the answer is no. However, there was a time in my life where I wore makeup everyday at all times.

For me personally, choosing to stop wearing makeup was a hugely liberating experience. It allowed me to cultivate deeper self love, learn to love my flaws and pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Of course, if you like to wear makeup, that's great! This blog post is in no way judging women for wearing (or not wearing) makeup. We are all different and all have different experiences. For me, this was life changing!

It all started one autumn day on a road trip with my dear sister Meadow. Meadow, her husband, son and I were traveling up the West Coast in their vintage Avion Trailer enjoying a two week long adventure. We were exploring small towns along our journey and sought out to find the best farm stands and healthy restaurants on the way.

As we were traveling up the West Coast along Highway 1, I was beginning to question my daily desire to wear makeup. I had been wearing makeup since I was a teenager and felt incredibly self conscious and ugly without it. I was the kind of girl who would wear makeup to yoga, the gym... you name it. If it involved people seeing my face, I needed a mask to hide behind.

But as my sister's family and I traveled along the road, I found that my makeup routine was incredibly inconvenient and often times was simply impossible to do. Most mornings we tried to get on the road as soon as possible and so I didn't have time to put on makeup. In the evenings I was often so tired that I would pass out on my bed and forget to wash my makeup off when I did have it on. So, it quickly became evident that living on the road in a vintage trailer was not the most conducive environment for makeup.

Along our journey, we made our way to the National Heirloom Expo near Santa Rosa, California and spent a weekend eating incredible organic food, dancing to good music, learning more about the dangers of GMO food and supporting local farmers. It was at this health expo that I found myself looking in the mirror at myself one day, without a drop of makeup on, surprised by how beautiful I looked.

My skin was glowing and my freckles had come out more with all of the sunshine. My dry skin and acne had cleared up from days without makeup and I actually felt beautiful.

I decided during that trip to try and go makeup-less the rest of the journey and a couple weeks later when we drove back to Utah, I had succeeded.

I remember looking in the mirror at my little apartment admiring how healthy my face looked after a few weeks of no makeup. I was also learning how to admire my rosey skin, my abundant freckles and sometimes uneven skin tones. Where I once saw an ugly face, I was now seeing beauty.

After that, I was dedicated to learning to love myself without makeup and embracing how I naturally look. I stopped wearing makeup to work and began to fully embody myself.

For me, wearing makeup had become a mask for me to hide behind. Learning to let go of my need to hide and instead shine my light was the beginning of my journey towards empowered living.

Whether or not you wear makeup regularly, check in with yourself to determine your why. Do you feel limitless self love and appreciation? Do you love yourself the way you are? Are you confident in who you are?

Going makeup-less changed my life!

I'd love to hear your thoughts below on the subject!

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