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  • Cassandra Wilder

Recommended Book of the Month: The Universe Has Your Back

Every month here at GoddessCeremony we recommend our top book of the month! These books are ones that we have found to be inspiring, empowering and liberating for women. Enjoy!


I love finding new books that are incredibly life changing to read! I like walking into a bookstore and simply absorbing all of the books and selecting one that really calls to me. This month I was called to purchase a book on Audible that really caught my eye.

We are honored to share that our Recommended Book of the Month is The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein.

There are many things I loved about this book. I appreciated Gabby's brilliance in weaving together past experiences with deep Universal wisdom and I love how relatable the entire book felt.

There were many moments where I laughed and many moments where I felt deep shifts within me occurring. This book has something for each of us to learn.

My favorite part of the book was when Gabby described an employee who worked very hard for Gabby but never seemed to email a timesheet to Gabby. Gabby would reach out and ask for her to send over her invoices but the woman would put it off or say she would do it later. She obviously had a hard time fully receiving payment and perhaps was questioning her worth. A few months later, this woman reached out to Gabby and explained that a few of her clients had stopped paying her and that she felt really stuck. Gabby said of course! When you push away clients who do want to pay you, your flaky clients get the memo and go MIA!

I really liked this reminder to learn how to RECEIVE and to do so with grace and gratitude.

I highly recommend listening to this book if you are on the journey of spirituality, self discovery or growth. This is also a powerful book if you need to be reminded that the Universe really does have your back.

If you prefer to listen to Audiobooks instead of read, the Audible version is wonderful. Narrators for audiobooks are often hit or miss but Gabby herself narrates this book and it's excellent.

If you read the book, please let us know! We'd love to support you on your sacred journey as well.

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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