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Wild Goddess Yoga - How this Women-Only Yoga Genre is Empowering Women

Wild Goddess Yoga was created with a simple intention:

to provide women with a space to feel safe to express themselves through the sacred practice of yoga

Through this nourishing type of yoga created by Cassandra Wilder, women are able to tune into their bodies and their own innate wisdom during the class.

Wild Goddess Yoga has 3 key components that are displayed in every yoga class. These are~

1. Create Space for each Student to Trust Themselves At the beginning of every Wild Goddess Yoga class, women will be instructed to listen to their own bodies and intuition. Every Wild Goddess Yoga class is created to feel good in each student's body, however we are all different and so the space is held for each student to follow what they need. What this means is that if a certain pose simply doesn't feel good, students are encouraged to find a different pose that feels better for them. Whether that's child's pose or an early savasana, each woman is celebrated, rather than judged, for listening to her body. Perhaps less than most types of yoga, Wild Goddess Yoga is not about following a specific flow or "powering" through anything. Wild Goddess Yoga is founded on the belief that our bodies know best and when we listen to them throughout the yoga class, we are able to cater to what we need.

2. Create Space for Creativity and Feminine Flow

The essence of the feminine is creativity and freedom. Because of that, the space is held in every class for women to flow freely in a way that feels good for them. Whether that is additional options during cat cow or 10 minutes to flow however feels good to each woman, fluidity and freedom are encouraged and celebrated.

3. Create Balance in the Class Wild Goddess Yoga is structured similarly to a mountain. The beginning of every yoga class starts slowly and with intention. Plenty of time is given for a warm up and the movements are slowly linked to the breath. Warming up the body helps to prevent injury and allows each woman to gauge where her body is at and what she needs. Then, slowly the class begins to flow as postures begin to move upwards. By mid class, most postures are standing and flows are quicker. Then, slowly the class will move into balancing postures and slowly make their way down to the mat. Deep stretches and breathing then finish in the final resting pose of Savasana. There is a balance of fast and active with restorative and cooling, similar to Yin and Yang or feminine and masculine.

Lastly, we create beautiful playlists to go alongside each yoga practice! For those of us who appreciate good music during yoga, our playlists are inspiring and empowering!

We offer Wild Goddess Yoga in most Goddess Retreats and occasionally offer it as stand alone workshops.

You can now practice with us online with our 6 Class Package! Available for just $33, you will receive six 50 minute yoga videos along with optional playlists!

Purchase the 6 Class Wild Goddess Yoga Package here

We hope to practice with you soon, whether online or at a Goddess Retreat!

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

+ the GoddessCeremony Team

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