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New Moon in Aries April 2018

April 15th, 2018 the moon wanes into the New Moon in Aries. This sacred time of introspection, healing, releasing and surrender offers us the space to be held and supported.

Since the Full Moon in Libra two weeks ago, many things have fallen out of alignment for most of us. Some of us may have witnessed relationships ending, jobs changing or personal beliefs or goals shifting. If you've been feeling unsteady ground since then, you are not alone!

Today's New Moon in Aries offers us the gentle space to be guided back to balance and to be truly supported where we are at.

The New Moon has also aligned in the sign of Aries, a fiery sign of transformation and change. Aries is often known as the self development sign and so likely you are feeling guided to do some inner work and find balance.

As many of us are feeling some misalignments, a powerful theme I am observing in many women's lives is the theme of trust and surrender.

Within our modern world, we are often taught to make things happen. We learn the importance of doing and forcing things into reality, but we very rarely learn the wisdom of surrender and trust.

This sacred New Moon reminds us to tune into the Universe and God and surrender to the flow.

Trust that things are flowing for a reason and that you likely cannot see the full picture. As things fall apart, space is created for a new alignment. As you heal and process wounds, new life is able to bloom.

If things feel out of balance, misaligned or chaotic, trust.

Simply trust.

Trust that you are supported, loved and guided during this New Moon. Your sacred calling with this New Moon is to learn how to trust and surrender.

Mercury is also coming direct again so things will likely flow smoother now.

Here are 3 ways to celebrate this sacred new moon time~

1. Create a list of forgiveness

With the New Moon being so in alignment with trusting and surrendering, the act of forgiveness is a powerful way to harness this new moon energy. This practice will allow you to clear away the old wounds that continue to bring misalignments into your life and create compassion and love instead. Write out experiences from your life that you hold grudges towards or feel anger about. They can be things that have happened to you or things that you have done. Simply write them out and then say "I release attachment to this experience. Thank you. I forgive you. I love you."

2. Surrender to Source

Create space in your life to simply be. As always with any new moon, create space for self care in your life. Sleep in, rest for an hour, receive a massage, go for a walk in nature... find something that rejuvenates you and allows you to remember that you are a human being, not a human doing.

3. Make a sacred fire

If you can tonight, get outside and build a fire. This offers you the perfect space to write out the things that are no longer serving you! Write out the things that hold you back and throw them into the fire. Allow yourself to feel liberated by the flames.

Trust that you are supported and guided during this time.

If things feel difficult or out of alignment, bring love and compassion back into the moment.

Forcing things to happen will not bring peace.

Trust and you shall receive.

In lunar gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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