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Launching the GoddessCeremony YouTube Channel

Something we have been wanting to do for years is finally coming true ~ we are finally launching our GoddessCeremony YouTube Channel and posting weekly videos to that platform!

We are so excited to post everything from Goddess Yoga Flows to nourishing recipes to discussions about reproductive health to moon meditations. This will be a powerful way to continue to learn from GoddessCeremony and expand your personal practices!

Have a video request? Be sure to post it below in the comment section!

We look forward to sharing this wisdom with you all very soon on the GoddessCeremony Youtube Channel!

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We will begin posting weekly videos beginning with the Full Moon on May 29th, 2018! Every Monday a new video will be posted right on the GoddessCeremony Youtube Channel!

Comment below with your video requests!

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

+ the GoddessCeremony Team

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