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The Hawaiian Goddess Pele and My Experience in Hawaii

Beautiful sacred Hawaii… I recently returned home from a 5 week trip to the Big Island of Hawaii and find myself still in awe of everything that transpired during that time.

This was my first time visiting Hawaii (besides visiting as a 4 year old and I’m not too sure that counts anyway) and so I didn’t know what to expect. I imagined white sandy beaches, large palm trees, surfers and exotic fish and this is only to prove that I really didn’t know anything about the Big Island.

While the Big Island certainly has these things, the Big Island is known for it’s huge lava fields, black sand beaches and active lava flow. This is the largest island of the Hawaiian Islands and it’s also the newest of the islands. There is a feeling of life and death, balance and change, new and old on the Big Island.

I feel so grateful to have explored everything from sunny Kona to rainy Hilo to quaint hippie Pahoa and most places in-between. And it seemed that everywhere I went, the energy of Pele was present.

Pele (pronounced PAY-LAY) is the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, lightening, wind, dance and volcanoes. She is powerful and embodied and holds the energy of both birth and destruction at the same time.

I felt the energy of Pele the most when embarking on a 3 hour lava hike across massive slabs of hardened lava to see active lava flowing out of deep cracks. The hike wasn't steep or particularly hard but each step needed to be thought out because the top layer of hardened lava was flakey and frail.

A local man was guiding our small group and asked us all to call upon Pele as we crossed upon her sacred lava and to be respectful. I really appreciated his obvious respect for Pele and felt myself connected to her throughout the hike.

He had told us that if we lose respect for Pele for even a moment, we will probably stumble or fall on the shard like lava rock. I found this to be true for me. The few times I allowed my mind to wander, I nearly fell each time.

Hawaii holds so much magic and history and it truly is one of the most sacred areas I have visited. I found that the Big Island had a unique rawness and intensity that was extraordinarily beautiful.

Some of my favorite moments from the trip included going on the lava hike, ecstatic dance multiple times a week in Pahoa, Uncle Robert's farmers market / mini festival every Wednesday, going to hot springs, finding magical white sand beaches near Kona, the Pahoa farmer's market, daily walks to the beach, drum circles on the beach, finding amazing organic restaurants and connecting with like minded human beings from all over the world.

If you get the chance to go to Hawaii, go! It is magical! If you allow yourself to get out of the touristy areas and into lovely places like Pahoa, you will be so grateful you did.

We are hoping to announce a Hawaii Sacred Goddess Retreat sometime soon so if you feel called to immerse yourself in sacred wisdom alongside Goddess Pele, make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list to be notified!


Cassandra Wilder


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