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New Moon in Pisces March 2018 ~ A Time of Healing and Surrender

On March 17th, 2018 the moon wanes into the sacred time of the New Moon. Aligning in the sign of Pisces, this watery emotional moon time is a sacred time for all of us to heal, release and surrender.

So much has been going on astrologically the last few months and so this Pisces New Moon is finally here to offer us space to simply be.

Pisces is a water sign that is full of emotion, sensitivity, intuition and inner wisdom and so this new moon reflects these powerful emotions and energies!

During this new moon, you are being held within a healing space to tune into your own innate wisdom, reclaim your intuition and allow your body to heal.

If 2018 has been speeding past you and been go-go-go feeling, this is your opportunity to take a few deep breaths and reconnect to your inner knowing.

This is a really powerful alignment to do deep inner healing work and connect to your emotions.

If you feel extra emotional or sensitive during the next few days, know that it's okay for these feelings to flow! You may feel old trauma arise for you or have waves of sadness or grief come to you.

Do not judge these emotions and instead honor them as a process of healing.

It's okay to feel deeply and this is a sacred lesson that Pisces teaches us.

Be open to surrendering to the ebb and flow.

Within this sacred container of the Pisces new moon, ask yourself if there is anything that you need to release in order to feel lighter in your body. Is there anything that you need to release that has pulled you away from your intuition or emotions?

This is your opportunity to release it all.

How to Celebrate this Sacred New Moon in Pisces~

1. Take space to rest

During the New Moon your body naturally craves rest. This is an important time in your cycle to be still, honor your need for rest and do things that require less energy. This is a great time to nap, go to a restorative yoga class, relax for a few minutes or go for a walk in nature.

2. Journal what you are releasing

Journal what things you are ready to let go of in your life. It can be anything from trauma you've experienced to deep inner wounds to things you want to let go of personally. Write it all out and then burn it. Allow yourself to be liberated!

3. Ground your feet on the earth Pisces governs the feet of the body and reminds us to stay rooted during all phases of our lives. Take some time to walk barefoot on the earth and reconnect to Mother Earth. If you can put your feet on damp earth, (like in the mornings with fresh dew) this is the most healing! There is so much research emerging on the health benefits of grounding.

Know that during this New Moon, you are seen. You are witnessed. You are celebrated. You are supported.

Make space in your life for YOU!

Rest. Heal. Rejuvenate.

That is the wisdom of the New Moon.

I bow to you sister! Thank you for reading this.

In lunar gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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