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3 Women Run Businesses that You Need to Know About

We love finding businesses that are powered by women and create gorgeous offerings for women! These 3 women are women that have created their own businesses in the realm of art and healing and who have inspired me enough to write a blog post about them!!

As consumers, it's important for all of us to remember that our money casts a vote. Each time we support a small business, we are personally supporting someone on their path. When we support massive corporations, we may be feeding a billion dollar machine.

I try my best to support small businesses instead of large corporations because I know that this impacts someone personally.

If you feel called to support these women, I honor you for supporting small businesses powered by women!

1. MeadowExpressions ~ Natural Bohemian Couture

If you've come to a retreat and personally met beautiful Meadow, you know what a warm heart she has! She is also an incredibly gifted artist who shares her wisdom of crystals and creates gorgeous wire wrapped jewelry. Every crystal is hand selected by her and then she intuitively wraps each crystal the way she feels they are meant to be wrapped. She uses the highest quality wire on the market and her chains are sacred geometry sterling silver or 24k dipped gold. Every step of Meadow's work is done with complete attention to detail and quality. If you have been looking for gorgeous crystal jewelry to wear, Meadow's work is the top of the line!

See Meadow's website

2. ElvenForest ~ Custom Made Clothing Shop

ElvenForest is a group of powerful women based out of Boulder, CO. Their handmade clothing is absolutely gorgeous and of very high quality. If you've been looking for beautiful hippie clothes (or if you've been wondering where I get all of my Priestess clothing!) ElvenForest is the place! They also create a handwritten letter with each order and package everything with compostable and biodegradable packaging. It seems that every detail is carefully created to ensure that you have a magical experience opening your package!

See their website

3. Weave Gold ~ Handwoven Beaded Jewelry

I met the lovely Kyra in Idaho at a Goddess Retreat and immediately was drawn to her beautiful jewelry. When she told me that she makes them, I was in complete awe! She creates gorgeous beaded jewelry by hand for women all over the world. Her work is impeccable and simply beautiful! I am grateful to have two pairs of her earrings and I receive compliments wherever I go. If you are looking for gorgeous beaded jewelry, I highly recommend Kyra's work!

See Kyra's website

I hope that you feel inspired to purchase locally or from small businesses, like the three above. What you purchase makes an impact!

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

+ the GoddessCeremony Team


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