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How to Celebrate a Solar Eclipse

Cultures all over the world for thousands of years have tracked the solar eclipses and lunar movement. By connecting to the ever changing wisdom in the sky, they found rhythm and flow in the cycling sun and moon.

Learning how to celebrate a Solar Eclipse can be a powerful time to create new intentions, release old limiting beliefs and pave the way for the new era.

Many cultures believed that a Solar Eclipse marked a new time of beginning. Known as a time of deep transformation and inner work, this was a sacred time of introspection and reflection.

A Solar Eclipse happens when the moon covers the sun, creating a beautiful corona. Partial Solar Eclipses are fairly common, however Full Solar Eclipses are a lot more rare (the last one was in August 2017).

Often the sun and moon are used to describe the yin and yang in the world, or the feminine and masculine. The moon is represented by the yin, the feminine. Full of mystery, fertility, cycling and introspection, the feminine is the cooling and healing touch. On the other hand, the sun is represented by the yang, the masculine. Full of action, creation and structure, the masculine is the hot and logical touch.

As human beings, we all have varying levels of yin and yang within us. Just because we are a woman of course does not mean that we cannot have masculine traits and the same goes for a man. We may find that when we are rushing to meetings and appointments that we tap into a masculine energy. We have a need to be punctual, forward and direct. Later in our day as we go for a walk after work, we may find ourselves feeling effortless, at ease and open to taking a new route back home. This is tuning into more feminine qualities.

The Solar Eclipse represents the yang energies ~ fiery, clearing, energizing and very direct.

This is the time for deep inner work, emotional clearing and transformation!

Here are my favorite ways to celebrate a Solar Eclipse~

1. Meditate under the moon as you begin to create new intentions. Imagine yourself stepping forward into the life that you desire and actively creating it. You can either imagine it and tune into the emotion you feel as you do that or, actually manifest with the Solar Eclipse. Manifestation is a life changing tool! Learn how to manifest here.

2. Create a flower essence during the Solar Eclipse and set your bottle out overnight. Learn how to make a flower essence here. This would be an especially powerful time to make the flower essence of sunflower or black eyed susan, two essences that are healing to our masculine side.

3. Hold a personal fire ceremony and write out the things that you are ready to let go of. Imagine the fire being one and the same with the Solar Eclipse, burning away the things that stand in our way. You can take this time to let go of past traumas, people that have hurt you, unresolved feelings or overwhelming fears. Allow the things that stand in the way of your transformation to be burned away.

4. Anoint your body with rose water or a rose essential oil and make space for yourself to rest. A Solar Eclipse can feel very intense and so if needed, take time to be still.

5. Camp or hike into nature and observe the beauty of the eclipse. Be sure to get appropriate eclipse glasses to protect your eyes! Being outside beneath the moon or an eclipse is healing for the body and helps to rejuvenate and restore the body.

Enjoy this sacred time and take plenty to time to be present with the shifts. All is well!

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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