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7 Gorgeous and Easy to Care for Houseplants that Every Woman Needs

For most of my life I didn't own plants. I had purchased a few succulents in my early 20s and they had quickly died due to lack of sunlight so I wasn't really interested in owning plants until a friend of mine inspired me to have them in my home.

I had always felt intimidated by plants and never really knew where to start, so when my friend showed me how he cared for dozens of plants with ease, I was intrigued!

I learned that caring for plants can be really simple - if you purchase low maintenance plants!

On my Instagram I often post photos of the many beautiful plants around my home and I'm asked two questions often:

-what kinds of plants are easiest to take care of?

-what are your top suggestions for having plants?

Now, I'm not a plant expert by any means, but I have learned what works for me and I believe that having plants in a home is a simple way to make your home a more welcoming and empowering space.

Here are my favorite 7 plants to have in my home!

1. White Lily White Lily is perhaps the best plant for low light conditions. Most houses and apartments are not built with light conditions in mind and so sometimes we find that we don't have ideal lighting conditions for many plants. White Lily is excellent because it thrives in low light conditions and so this is the kind of plant you can have in the middle of the room or across the room from a window. The leaves are long and soft and if the plant is happy, it will produce beautiful white flowers. They do not need a lot of water and can be trained to do well with water once a week.

2. Chinese Evergreen

A recent new favorite of mine, Chinese Evergreen is similar to White Lily in that it does very well in low light situations. This is another lovely plant to have away from the window to decorate around your living room or bedroom. The leaves are a variety of light and dark greens and really adds a lot of character to a room. This plant is temperature sensitive and does not do well if the room is under 50 degrees. They do not need a lot of water and can be trained to do well with water once a week.

3. Pothos

Oh, Pothos! You are perhaps the easiest plant in the world to care for! I have at least 5 of these in my home because they are beautiful and viney and also super resistant! I have heard people joke that a pothos plant could be left in the garage for a year and probably be revived! Now, please don't do that to your beautiful pothos but do know that this plant is really quite difficult to kill. They need very little light and do well being watered just once a week. They grow quickly and their vines are beautiful. Most plant books say that a pothos plant will get no longer than 6 feet generally but there are many pothos plants in the world that are nearly 100 feet long! This is my go-to plant if I am wanting to try a plant out in a really low light spot.

4. Snake Plant

Another lovely low light plant that is very unique looking. Snake plants look especially beautiful in modern homes and their long green leaves are firm and sturdy. Also known as Mother-in-Law Tongue, these are hardy plants. You can place them anywhere with low light conditions or on your porch during the Summer. They don't need a large quantity of water and do well being watered just once a week!

5. Dragon Tree

This fun plant adds character to any room and is one of the simplest plants to grow. Dragon tree does well in low light conditions and will survive being forgotten about for long lengths of time! They do well being watered once a week and rotated every month or so.

6. Christmas Cactus

This gorgeous plant is low maintenance, pretty all year long and especially gorgeous around Christmas time! This beautiful cactus variety blooms every year around Christmas time (there is also an Easter Cactus that blooms every April) and is simply gorgeous. Different varieties can have pink, red or white flowers. Christmas Cactus does prefer to be on a windowsill with regular light and requires a decent watering every week.