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Blue Full Moon SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse in Leo January 2018 -TriGoddess Moon-

Three powerful lunar times have aligned perfectly with the Full Moon on January 31, 2018. An alignment like this has not been seen in over a hundred years.

The Blue Moon is known as the second Full Moon of the year and this year we have witnessed not one, but two Full Moons in January. 2018 has begun powerfully and now, on the final day of January, the Lunar Eclipse and SuperMoon align for a powerful mix of lunar wisdom.

A SuperMoon occurs when the moon's orbit is closest to the earth. This means that this evening the moon will appear larger than usual as well as brighter.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the earth's shadow crosses the lunar surface. This may give the moon a red or brown tint. Read more about how to specifically celebrate a lunar eclipse here.

And the full moon has aligned in the sign of Leo. Fiery, raw and yet balanced with a softer, more compassionate side, the Leo sign burns away the old.

Personally, I have named this lunar alignment as the Tri-Goddess moon. We are seeing three distinct alignments and this to me reminds me of the three main stages of the feminine.

Within the Tri-Goddess, there are the three following stages of womanhood: maiden, mother and crone.

While these three stages are very vague, they do represent the major initiations that women have known for thousands of years. It is not necessary to move through these three distinct stages, this is simply a piece of wisdom from long ago.

The Tri-Goddess symbol is three moons, one full moon and one waxing moon and one waning moon on either side.

So what does all of this alignment mean?

There is still a lot of clearing being done, removal of the old and decay of the things that no longer serve us. Layers and layers of control and domination are being freed and exposed.

There is still a shadow side being explored and healed by the world.

The Leo sign can be fiery and dramatic but there is also a compassionate and communicative side that allows us to transcend the old ways of conflict resolution to a space of balance and equality.

Consider this lunar alignment as being a sign to explore the layers of your inner work and bring light where there was once hurt.

2018 is a year of the feminine and the feminine rising and so as sisters of the earth we must clear away our stories and bitterness and rise to the calling.

As with any full moon, emotions may be heightened and you may feel aggravated or irritated. Take some time to breathe and be still amongst the deep shifts happening.

I recommend journaling this evening and getting outside to witness this beautiful moon time.

The Lunar Eclipse will begin on January 31, 2018 around 4:52am PST and conclude around 6am in North America. Set your alarm clocks! You don't want to miss this!

Enjoy this sacred moon time!

In gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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