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2018 Magic and Intentions from GoddessCeremony

From all of us at GoddessCeremony, thank you for a beautiful 2017! We have had the honor to be a part of 100s of women's lives through Goddess Retreats, online trainings and worldwide workshops this year and we are so incredibly grateful to all of you who joined us.

We are also so grateful to all of you who have followed our online presence with our blog, Facebook and Instagram and been a part of our online sisterhood.

Thank You!

2017 was an incredible year of Goddess Retreats around the world and across the United States and we are so excited to share with you what is in store for 2018!

But first, we'd love to share some of the beautiful goals we reached this year! In 2017 we:

-held over 15 Goddess Retreats to women around the world in places like Alaska, Michigan, Utah, Idaho, Vermont, New Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica and Colorado

-held our first Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Training with huge success

-created our Sacred Goddess Box Subscription

-began carrying MeadowExpressions sacred crystal jewelry line and Sister Speaking Spears

-held 5 sacred online trainings for Embodied Wisdom

-launched our gorgeous GoddessCeremony video

-posted dozens of sacred blog posts full of women's wisdom

-began training two Creatrixs who are ready to begin leading GoddessCeremony Goddess Retreats

-were published in the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education's quarterly magazine

-and so much more!

It's been an incredible year!

And now, we are excited to share what we are up to with GoddessCeremony in 2018!

-In 2018 we are expanding our Goddess Retreats to include more locations throughout the United States! While we can't share all of them just yet, we can tell you a few! In 2018 we are so excited to begin leading Goddess Retreats in gorgeous places like Texas, Montana and North Carolina! (Many more retreat locations will announced as the dates approach!) We will be leading more Goddess Retreats in our favorite places like Utah, Alaska and Michigan as well! We are so excited to reach more women and empower and celebrate sisters all over the world! We are also looking at adding another International Goddess Retreat!

-In 2018 we are leading 3 rounds of our Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Training! This powerful online and in-person training certifies women to lead sacred women's circles and empower the women in their community! Not only do we focus on learning the art of leading circles but we also discuss how we as guides can step into our authentic roles and live a vibrant, aligned life! These women are listed on our Find a Women's Circle Page.

-In 2018 our Embodied Wisdom Program will have a complete makeover by the time we start the next round in February! New updated videos, new beautiful content and more ways for you to feel inspired and empowered! We will be holding 6 rounds of Embodied Wisdom in 2018! (If you have already taken this program, remember that you get lifetime access to the program so you can explore all of the new content forever!)

-In 2018 our Sacred Goddess Boxes will be even more jammed packed full of sacred Goddess tools and beautiful gifts. You can expect to receive things ranging from gorgeous handmade jewelry to local art to handmade candles to gorgeous crystals. Every item is handpicked for each woman who orders and beautifully packaged and mailed straight to her door! We are excited to be able to receive 122 orders per Solstice or Equinox! Get ready for magical stuff!

-In 2018 we will have new GoddessCeremony retreat leaders leading Goddess Retreats worldwide! We cannot wait to announce these beautiful women!

-In 2018 we will continue to work closely with MeadowExpressions and her gorgeous handmade crystal jewelry. We look forward to having more of her Goddess Jewelry line on our website and promoting her work at our Goddess Retreats!

-In 2018 our Creatrix and CEO of GoddessCeremony Cassandra Wilder will be finishing up the rough draft of a super powerful book she has been working on for the last year! Combining her training as a Naturopathic Doctor and her passion for women's wisdom, look forward to this incredible book being published hopefully by the end of 2018!

-In 2018 we will be announcing our weekly podcast! Each week we will dive into a new sacred subject from how GoddessCeremony was birthed to how to connect to your intuition to how to nourish your mind, body and soul through sacred practices!

-In 2018 we will be adding new Private Services for the many women who seek 1:1 support and guidance. We look forward to adding new Naturopathic Consultation options and other sacred guidance sessions as well.

-In 2018 we will also be fully utilizing our Youtube Channel and posting weekly videos about women's wisdom and the Sacred Feminine!

-In 2018 we will have more women's leaders sharing their wisdom through blog posts and as podcast guests! (Interested in sharing your wisdom? Apply here!)

-In 2018 we will finally have beautiful items for you to share your love of sisterhood, the sacred feminine and the lunar cycles! Our shop will be adding organic tanks, shirts, sweatshirts and other Goddess gifts!

-In 2018 we will continue expanding our website and adding new content each week! We will have a new blog post every Monday.

-And more!

We are working hard over here to support and empower the sisters of the world in a safe and sacred way! Excited for some of these new offerings? Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when these offerings are ready!

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With so much love,

the GoddessCeremony Team