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Goddess Inspired Gifts for the Holidays

As Christmas, the Winter Solstice and the New Year all approach, many of us feel the need to offer small gifts to those we care about in our lives. While holidays like Christmas especially have been turned into a massive consumerism feast, offering gifts is still a sweet and beautiful gesture.

For those of us who would like to give beautiful, inspiring gifts to our family and friends, I hope that this list will help you pick out gifts that inspire community and healing. Many of these gifts are for the Sisters in your life but some could also be given to the dear men in your life.

Here are some of my favorite gifts to offer those I love~

Salt Lamp~

Salt lamps are incredibly healing and provide a home with a warm glow. I find that everyone loves a new salt lamp! Salt lamps are usually $25+, depending on the size and can be purchased at any crystal or metaphysical store. You can also purchase them on Amazon, but it's always nice to support a local business instead.

Handmade Jewelry~

Support small businesses that make beautiful, healing jewelry! Go to your local farmer's market and find jewelry for your friends and family. I purchase a lot of beautiful, handmade crystal jewelry from MeadowExpressions and they are always a favorite.

Beautiful and Handmade Soaps~

I love finding things that are handmade with love! Organic soaps, lotions and body butters are simple gifts that everyone loves. Make sure you buy products that are organic and made with love. I love shopping online at HBC Organics. Everything is handmade by an amazing natural mama.


Who doesn't love a beautiful succulent arrangement or hanging plant? Plants are an affordable and simple gift that will last many years! Some of my favorite plants to give people are White Lilly, Mother-in-Law Tongue and Succulents.


Crystals make fun gifts for adults and children! Shop at your local crystal store and find affordable, beautiful crystals!

Spa Gift cards~ This is one of my favorite gifts to give my mom! Giving a free massage or energy work session is such an amazing gift to receive! This is a great gifts for mamas who don't always have time to relax.

Menstrual Cups or Organic Reusable Pads~

For the like-minded sister in your life, give them the gift of a happier menstrual cycle! Menstrual Cups like the Lena Cup are affordable and last 5 - 10 years! You can also gift organic reusable pads for women who prefer that option.

Personal Gift~

If you make homemade jewelry or lotions, offer your beautiful gift to those around you! If you are a massage therapist or reiki practitioner, consider giving a free session to those who need it.


Books are always a good choice. Some of my favorite books to give as gifts include Women Who Run with the Wolves, You Can Heal Your Life, The Wisdom of the Enneagram, Wild Feminine, The Four Agreements and Womb Wisdom.


Instruments, especially for little ones, are always loved! Drums, Indian flutes and shakers are always a lot of fun.


If there is a local museum, painting class, pottery workshop or outdoor adventure, consider giving the gift of an experience!

Homemade Healing Food~ If you know how to make healthy pies, cookies, teas or main dishes, consider giving someone the gift of a meal!

Sacred Goodies~

I personally love to give my sisters things like sage, incense, candles, rose water and altar tools. If you have a friend who has an altar space and who is passionate about their sacred practices, this is such a simple and yet deeply loved gift!

Ethical Clothing~

Buying organic leggings or dresses are not only healthier to wear but it also supports sustainable and ethical businesses. I love Pact Organic and buy a lot of my organic clothing from them.

I hope this list was helpful for you and gave you some ideas!

What gifts do you like to give?