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Full Moon in Taurus November 2017

Early morning November 4th, 2017 the sacred moon aligns in Taurus. The moon sits at her fullest point in her Full Moon phase This moon time is also a Supermoon.

The moon has aligned in Taurus, an earth sign that represents the earth, grounding and steadfast. As the moon aligns in Taurus, the sun has been in the sign of Scorpio for a few days. We also just celebrated the sacred time of Samhain on October 31 / November 1, a time where the veil is thinnest between worlds.

What I'm trying to say is that there are some opportunities for transformation here!

The theme in life right now for many of us is growth, change and transformation. What has been shifting in your life? What has changed this year?

Many of us have left long term relationships, quit jobs that no longer aligned, moved, changed personal routines and shifted our beliefs. Samhain bought this energy to its peak and so now the veil of illusion and lack are fading away.

This Full Moon presents you with a space of change, if you are ready for it.

The Taurus energy reminds us to stay grounded, stay connected to our most basic needs (healthy foods, lots of water, good rest, etc.) and remain in a space of conscious communication rather than reaction.

I'd like to share with you all some personal shifts that have been going on in my life and how it has turned into the most beautiful alignment.


Around June this year my long term partner and I decided to part in a loving and kind way. We have remained friends and the parting was truly as conscious as it likely can ever be. I took off to travel the U.S. even more and hold various Goddess Retreats for sisters across the country. This year has been a magical time of travel for me. I have traveled to the north of Alaska and to just miles from the Mexican border in honor of sisterhood and my own personal growth and healing.

When the shift happened (and even though we had both made the decision to part) I found myself regretting my decision and rejecting all guidance from the Divine. I was thousands of miles away from him and felt as though I had made a huge mistake.

4 months of constant travel across this beautiful country and hundreds of sisters honored in Goddess Retreats brought me Utah, the place where I had grown up and the place that held the title of home for me. I spent a few months in Utah, reconnecting with family and healing lineage wounds and doing some deep work on myself. In this nurturing, familiar space, I was fully supported to now do the deep healing work I had been craving. I began to shift subconscious patterns, heal reactive tendencies, release all things that blocked me from fully loving myself and sit with the guidance of Source. I went through a completely transformative and healing process and was finally able to find the abundant and unconditional amount of joy and love that sat within me.

As humans we will forever be growing and shifting and so we must not get too attached to the idea of being different and fully healed as much as we should focus on healing and honoring ourselves through the process.

I am grateful to share that through this deep work I now feel fully in my power and clear on my intentions and goals. Joy radiates from me and I am in deep reverence to the Divine flow. This is what these deep astrological changes have brought up for many of us over the last few months! Thank you for reading these words!


As you honor the Full Moon tonight, hold a healing space for yourself to reflect and grow.

Here are 3 other ways to honor this beautiful Full Moon in Taurus~

1. Sit underneath the moonlight for a few minutes and allow the lunar rays to touch your skin. Allow the sacred moon to rejuvenate and refill you. Trust that you are being guided in your life for a purpose and powerful reason. You can also lay out your crystals in the moonlight overnight to recharge them! Learn how to cleanse your crystals in moonlight here.

2. Take a few minutes to close your eyes and breath. Sit on Mother Earth if possible and focus your intention on your hips grounded into the earth. Find the limitless love and support that she offers you.

3. Write out a manifestation of yourself and the healthy qualities you want to embody fully in your life. With manifestation, we often think about attracting things outside of ourselves like relationships, careers, homes, money, etc. We often don't think to manifest ourselves and the life we would like to live. Take a few moments to manifest your sacred path.

I hope that you have a nourishing and deeply healing Full Moon time this evening!

Be well sisters,


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