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You Can Help a Sister Come to a Goddess Retreat for Free

Hello sisters! I am so excited to be announcing this sacred offering! This has been a dream of mine for a long time, and now it is finally formed and ready to be shared.

Offering Goddess Retreats to women around the world is perhaps the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Holding space for women to heal, flourish and reclaim is powerful work and I am so grateful to the hundreds of women who have joined me at retreats.

One of our greatest commitments is making Goddess Retreats as affordable as possible, and thus as accessible as possible to all women. However, I do know that there are some women who still are unable to afford a full priced Goddess Retreat.

I believe that all women deserve a Goddess Retreat - a space where every woman feels celebrated, beautiful, powerful, honored and free to be herself.

And so, I am so excited and honored to announce our Sacred Goddess Fund!

People from around the world can now donate to send a sister in need to a Goddess Retreat for free!

Women in need are welcome to apply to us for this free scholarship. The number of people who donate to this fund determine the number of women we can host for free!

If you are feeling abundant and want to support women in finding their voice, power and strength, I sincerely hope you will consider donating to this Goddess Fund.

100% of what is donated goes directly to supporting these women.

Especially as the holiday season approaches, I do hope you can offer something to the many sisters in the world who need this sacred space.

You will be in our prayers and blessings in reverence to you and your donation! Thank you!

To donate, simply click DONATE NOW

If you are interested in applying to join us for free, please click here.

With gratitude,


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