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How to Energetically Cleanse a Home, Office or Space

Energetically cleansing a new space is a key part of moving in. Whether you are moving into a new home or apartment or into an office space, cleansing residual energy is an important, and in my opinion vital, thing to do.

Anytime you move into a new space of any kind, use this guide to clear away energy that is not yours.

We've all walked into a room and just felt weird suddenly, only to find out that a massive argument had just ensued. Our bodies are incredibly wise and are able to pick up on much more than our conscious minds. Our intuition as well as our senses are constantly gauging our environment in order to determine safety, wellbeing and potential. In a very simple term, we can say that what we feel and pick up on is energy.

In the powerful practice of Feng Shui, it is believed that you should always know who has lived in a home before you and what happened in that home for them. Did someone fall ill? Was there a divorce? Feng Shui is aware of the fact that energy can remain even after the event or person is gone. Would you consciously choose to live in a house that had a violent history? This is a great example of energy and why we should cleanse a space.

In other terms, clearing the energy of your new space allows for anything that is not yours to clear away and for your new intentions to flourish. If you are renting an office that the previous owner went bankrupt in, you could pick up on that energy and have a hard time managing finances or even find yourself fall into similar circumstances.

The simplest rule is: When in doubt, just cleanse it!

So, you have just gotten your new space and you are ready to cleanse it. Typically you will do this while physically cleaning your space before moving in furniture. Also know that you can cleanse a space you already reside in - we'll talk more about how often to do it below.

-How to Cleanse your Space-

1. Create a sacred environment. I like to light candles, burn incense and play sacred music like nature sounds, Indian flutes or Sanskrit music. I create a healing space because I am choosing to create an intention for my new space and I understand that first I must cleanse away the old.

2. Open a window or door for energy to flow

3. Choose what tools you would like to use. Some of the most common tools include sage, palo santo, sage spray, rose water, singing bowls, clapping, chanting, etc. I personally recommend sage or sage spray or rose water. If using sage, light one end on fire and then blow out the flame, allowing the smoke to rise. Also known as smudging, Sage clears away negative energy. As you walk around your space, speak what you feel called to say. I often say something similar to below:

"I cleanse this space and any energy that is not mine. I cast away any negative or harmful energy and send it into the light. Any energy that is not mine is asked to leave through the door and into the light. This is a space of love, healing, happiness and gratitude. Anything other than these energies is asked to leave."

If using sage spray or rose water, walk around the space spraying the bottle and speaking your prayer or affirmation above.

Walk through every room and ideally open every closet as you cleanse away stagnant energy.

You can also cleanse a space you live in and I recommend doing it regularly. Doing it with every Full or New moon is an easy way to remember to do it each month. You can also cleanse your space as needed. Sometimes after an intense drive or hurtful interaction, I'll immediately come home and cleanse myself and my space.

To cleanse yourself, simply move the sage bundle around your body so that the smoke rises or spray yourself with your rose water or sage spray.

I hope you feel inspired to begin cleansing your space!

In gratitude, Cassandra

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