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Full Moon in Aries October 2017

On Friday, October 6th, 2017 the moon aligns in Aries. The moon waxes to her fullest point in the Full Moon time, sharing her healing glow with the earth.

Aries, being a fire sign, holds the energy of renewal, clearing and the life-death-life cycle. Just as fire burns away the old to give birth to the new, Aries is known to cause destruction in order for new life to appear.

Sometimes fire signs are seen as intense, but we must remember that fire allows for the things that no longer serve us to dissipate and then creates fertile soil for our greatest desires and intentions.

Fire allows new creation to form.

We are only a couple ways from the sacred time of Samhain, what is known as the roots of Halloween, and so this full moon time is directing us inward, to our own roots and "shadow self" and asking us to release the last remaining thoughts and experiences that hold us back. This fiery sign will burn away the things we need to let die so that we may enter the time of Samhain with full presence and introspection.

You can imagine a mirror being held up to you, showing the shadow side of you and the things that you still carry. Now, with that reflection in mind, scan your body and find these things that you are ready to cast away. This is the truth of Aries and what this sign offers to us.

As always, if you can, be outside the next few days and soak up the moon's glow. Have a fire outside and watch the starry night if you can and imagine this time as a perfect opportunity to step forward, to become fuller in who you are and to live your purpose and truth.

It is time.

Enjoy this lunar time!

In love,


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