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How to Celebrate the Fall Equinox ~ Mabon

Solstices, Equinoxes and Sabbats are all deeply spiritual and sacred times. There are 2 solstices - winter and summer solstice, 2 equinoxes - spring and fall equinox and 4 sabbath - Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnassadh and Samhain. These sacred times have been celebrated and honored around the world as the 8 holy days.

Most of our modern day holidays are based on these sacred days, for example Christmas and Yule, the Winter Solstice.

Learning how to celebrate these sacred times is an important way to honor the earth and the cyclical nature of all things.

The Fall Equinox aligns every September around the 21st or 22nd. This marks the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. This was traditionally the end of harvest and so families no longer needed to work 12+ hours in the field each day. Traditionally the Fall Equinox was a time of feasting and celebration to honor the bounty of the year. It was also honoring the cyclical nature of life and all things, honoring the falling leaves and decaying plants.

The Fall Equinox, also known by the sacred name Mabon, can be celebrated in a community setting, the way it generally was for many years, or on your own.


Here are 4 ways to celebrate the sacred Fall Equinox time!

1. Feast! All traditional holidays include feasting! Enjoy foods like pumpkin, squash, apple and pies as you offer gratitude. Make a celebration out of it with your family and friends!

2. Create a Mabon altar. If you have a sacred altar in your home (which we highly recommend!), consider making it Mabon based this week. Use yellow or orange altar cloths and add dried leaves, pinecones, plant matter and use a yellow or brown candle. This is a personal way for you to honor this sacred time.

3. Reflect on your year and journal. Think about how things were for you in the Spring and Summer. Were you happy? Do you feel gratitude? What changed for you this year? Reflect and journal on the growth and changes you've made. You can also journal on your intention for the fall and winter, a time of lower energy. Maybe your goal is to meditate for 20 minutes every morning, or yoga to yoga 3xs a week or sit at your altar each night before bed. Create an intention and extend gratitude!

4. Honor Mother Earth! Sit on the earth to pray or meditate for her. Clean up your yard with the intention of supporting her. Contrary to popular belief, leaving leaves on the earth creates mulch and is very nourishing to the ground so if you have a forested part of your home, let the leaves stay there! Create an outdoor altar honoring Mother Earth or have a sacred fire and sisterhood celebration!


With any sacred holy day, your intention is what really matters! You can choose to be as in depth or simple as you'd like. Have a magical Fall Equinox sister!

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