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New Moon in Virgo September 2017

On September 19th, 2017 the moon wanes to it's darkest state at the new moon time. Aligning in the earth sign of Virgo and just days before the Fall Equinox, Mabon, this is a time to ground before winter.

The new moon is always a beautiful space for healing and rest and reminds us of a time of the Red Tent, a sacred time when menstruating women would rest, rejuvenate and connect in sisterhood. Even in our modern world, as we women we tend to feel lower energy around the new moon time and crave silence, peace and rest. These are all deep callings from within that should be honored.

This is a key time with the Virgo sign to take time for healing on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental state. The summer season can be exhausting even now where most of us are no longer farming all of our food. The summer brings out an energetic, lively and hard working side of all of us and so as we wane into Fall, you may find yourself needing more rest or wanting to sleep a little longer at night.

Take time for yourself to listen and be still. If it resonates with you, get some healing done this weekend in the form of massage, energy work or yoga. Sit with nature and watch the changing leaves and tune into the ever changing ebb and flow.

Virgo also offers us a huge reminder - forgive.

What can you forgive in your life? Yourself, a partner, a family member? Forgiveness is the path to peace.

Have an amazing moon time, sister!

With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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