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One Simple Tool that can Transform your Life

Most of us know what it's like to be thwarted with stressful circumstances and to watch things crumble before our eyes. Our alarm doesn't go off, traffic is awful, we spill our drink on our beige pants and you realize you forgot your lunch in the fridge.

When these things happen, we have a naturally tendency to want to scream #$%@! We may even start to think the Universe or God is against us and that we can never do anything right.

It may sound extreme but I would bet you have had that same conversation in your mind. I would guess you have had days that go completely opposite to what you planned and that leave you feeling hopeless.

There is one tool that I have found that has dramatically reshaped my reality and given me peace in the moments where things going "wrong."

With this tool, I have learned how to see the perfection in things that are opposite of what I had planned. I have watched the women in the retreats and women in private sessions with me begin to shift their perception.

This simple tool is Gratitude.

Gratitude is a way of giving thanks for the blessings in your life.

Remember that morning from hell that you had?

Did you forget to remember that you did have the chance to sleep in another 3o minutes, that you heard a really incredible interview on the radio on your way to work (and that traffic allowed you to listen to the whole thing!), that a co-worker of yours had answered all of your messages for you to help you out and that after you realized your lunch was still at home, your boss offered to buy everyone lunch today?

It is so easy to become trapped within our emotions and to let one negative moment in our life reshape our entire day. If we stay within the mindset of I can't do anything right and I'm a failure, we are not going to realize any of the beautiful things that also happened amongst the chaos. We could still be stuck on waking up late and completely look past all of the other amazing alignments.

When we consciously say thank you and when we actively practice gratitude, we step into the mode of creator of our reality. We stop the victim mentality mind chatter and we step into the driver seat. Practicing gratitude is just that, a practice. At first, you might still feel yourself slipping into a negative downward spiral and slowly realize that you have affected your whole day with your negative perspective. For many of us, our natural tendency is to become angry, defensive and upset and it takes patience and practice to learn to be grateful.

This means the next time you are cut off by a driver, you are able to take a deep breath and just say thank you. Maybe you needed that to come back to the present moment, to stop texting while driving or to stop dwelling on what happened yesterday.

This means that the next time you feel you are tallying everything that has gone wrong in your life, yourself or your day - take a moment to also speak what you are grateful for.

The wisest people are those who have lived a life equally as painful as another's but who speak with gratitude and appreciation for all of their life's lessons.

How can you express more gratitude?

1. Start a gratitude journal ~ each morning or each night before bed, take a moment to write in your gratitude journal what you are grateful for. It could be I am grateful to be alive or I am grateful for my job, my sisters, sunshine, swimming... Try to write at least one thing each day that you are thankful for.

2. When you feel triggered or upset, find something in that same circumstance that you can be grateful for. Instead of I can't believe that ridiculous person on the phone wouldn't help me, maybe you can say I am grateful to live in a time when I can have a cell phone that works well and that allows me to stay in touch with my friends. It's the same circumstance, but two different reactions.

3. Speak what you are grateful for! The next time something beautiful comes your way, say that you are so grateful.

How do you feel you can bring more gratitude into your life?

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