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New Moon in Leo July 2017 | releasing self doubt |

July 23rd, 2017, the moon cycles through the new moon time, a time of inwardness, transformation and letting go. Also aligning in the sign of Leo and marking one month until the eclipse next month, things are getting interesting.

This moon as it aligns in Leo encourages us to look at our wild self, the untamed and unruled aspect of ourselves. Fiery, powerful, raw and bold, the Leo energy is one of confidence and courage.

The Eclipse next month has opened a portal of change. Watch my dear sister Stasia Bliss' video all about that here.

As the fire of the Leo fills us with warmth, we are also encouraged to step out of our self doubt, fear and hesitation and to remember the wisdom in creating without resistance.

This astrological alignment pulls us back to our heart center and ultimately illuminates this space. If we are to follow the passion of our hearts, how does that guide us? So often we are pulled away from heart centered living by the chaotic aspects of life. How can we remain in this space, even when we have to pay the bills and commute to work?

The Leo New Moon creates the perfect environment for us to release the self limiting beliefs we may be carrying and to fearlessly say "I am ready."

What are you ready to release and what are you ready to step into?

If you have been stuck on a decision or unsure of where to go next in your journey, return to your heart. Listen to the fiery, Leo call. What brings you passion and heart alignment?

This is such a magical time for growth!

As you quiet the critic within, the voice that tells you that you are not enough, that you are doing it wrong or that you are alone, you will find the ease that comes from the heart. Journal what you are willing to release and allow that to be your first step in heart centered connection.

This moon is a great time to let go of:

-fear of change

-negative self talk


-self doubt

This moon is the perfect time to step into:

-heart centered living





How are you enjoying this new moon in Leo?

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