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49 Ways to Connect to the Divine Feminine

In no particular order, here are 49 ways to connect to the Divine Feminine. <3

-create a personal yoga practice

-meditate with your womb space

-find a way to be more creative or take classes, things like drawing, painting, wire wrapping, dancing, singing or ceramics

-wear the color red

-read empowering books (see our favorites here)

-create a fire ceremony and let go

-go skinny dipping

-visit a Goddess Temple (our favorite is in Ashland Oregon)

-lay outside under the full moon

-use incense

-light candles around your home

-declutter your home

-connect with nature

-become your most expansive self

-study your dreams

-create a sacred altar in your home

-practice mantras

-play more music or learn to play an instrument (drums, Indian flute, guitar, etc.)

-dance every night

-study the chakras

-learn to share your voice and unlock your throat chakra

-surrender to the divine

-embrace vulnerability

-keep a gratitude journal

-go for walks in nature regularly

-live with grace

-manifest with every full moon

-visit sacred sites

-study the goddess archetypes

-gather with sisters for sacred circles

-keep plants and flowers around your home

-say thank you

-release wounds from the past

-eat vibrant, nourishing food

-give yourself regular breast massages

-practice self care

-find your own way to honor the moon phases

-use nourishing oils like almond oil, coconut oil and avocado oil for your skin and hair

-write out your aspirations

-use herbal medicine

-go on a retreat around the world

-swim in a body of water

-live in a state of mindfulness

-create lunar water with the full moon

-connect to the divine

-hold space for others

-practice conscious cooking

-honor your path

-take the risk to blossom

How do you enjoy connecting to the Divine Feminine?

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