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How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is a magical time of celebration, growth and life. This is a perfect time of the year to show your thanks for the blessings in your life and to gather for a nourishing evening.

It's best to celebrate the Summer Solstice outdoors in nature. Find a beautiful spot in nature that is inspiring to you.

There are many ways to celebrate this sacred time. Below are our 4 favorite ways to honor this sacred time of the year.


1. Hold a sacred gathering with friends or sisters and create an outdoor ritual. You can create a sacred bonfire and surround the fire with flowers and green leaves. In this sacred space, you can honor this time of celebration. What are you grateful for in your life? What have you been blessed with? This is also an incredible space to return to the power of song.

It's lovely to decorate the space with bright colors. Think yellow, green, red and pink. It's recommended to have two large candles that each represent the divine masculine and the divine feminine.

2. Make herbal medicine and flower essences with the Summer Solstice! The energy of creation is high at the Summer Solstice so making herbal medicine is a beautiful way to honor this sacred time. You can learn how to make flower essences under the sunlight or moonlight of the Summer Solstice for a powerfully charged medicine. This can also be a lovely group activity.

3. Honor the earth by creating an earth mandala, flower crowns or planting new trees. I personally think it is a beautiful practice to regularly plant new trees or plants

to continue to allow the earth to bloom and flourish. Planting indigenous plants that do not need excessive watering and naturally thrive in the area are best. You can also choose to make beautiful flower crowns. This is a fun way to celebrate the earth's bounty and to adorn yourself in beautiful handcrafted art. They are really simple to make! You can either find flexible twigs and weave them into a crown with hemp cord or purchase floral wire and wrap the flowers around.

4. Create new intentions for the Summer Solstice. Do you want to create a new way of life in the next season? Are your intentions to start a new business? Start a family? Find more abundance? Manifest with the Summer Solstice! Create a sacred space

and write out what you wish to create with the next phase. We recommend meditating under the sunlight for as long as possible and then writing what you are manifesting.

And lastly, remember that all traditional holidays are about feasting and celebrating life! This is an incredible time to create delicious nourishing foods and to spend time with inspiring people.

Have an incredible Summer Solstice!

Blessed Be~

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