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  • Cassandra Wilder

Full Moon in Scorpio May 2017

On Wednesday, May 10th the moon aligns in Scorpio for a beautiful Full Moon.

Scorpio, a powerful water sign, often marks a time of intensity and shifts. Scorpio moon times can feel overwhelming and a bit out of control if we are ungrounded.

The Full Moon of course is a powerful guide of water and deeply affects all water on the planet, even the water within us. With the Scorpio alignment, the greatest lesson in this time is

this is a time of transition

While things shift and transform, it is important to trust the process. Change is inevitable. Fighting the current only causes more fear and distrust.

The fluid, ever changing motion of Scorpio can leave things feeling unstable, even though Mercury went direct last week.

So how can you tune into this energy and allow it to benefit your life? Any time we are faced with transition or change, we must trust in who we are to guide us.

It can be so easy to move into a place of fear, anxiety and distrust, but that only leaves us in a state of negativity and loss. If we remember the wisdom within and trust our intuition and ability to find what is best for us, we can not be afraid.

We can not feel lost.

We know we are infinitely held.

This Full Moon is a beautiful reminder that you are your own hero.

You contain everything you need.

Trusting in each transition, each bump in the road and each heartbreak allows us to see the greater picture, to see that all things in this life ebb and flow.

We learn that nothing in this life really ever is constant and that we too are always changing.

And because of this, we can transform our story at any time.

Scorpio moon times offer us the space to flow with the transitions that may come and do so with peace and a sense of surrendering to the divine flow.

You are the moon and the divine in motion. Trust.

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