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  • Cassandra Wilder

Do you feel called to lead Women's Circles?

Leading sacred women's circles is one of the most sacred ways to give back to the community. By holding a loving, healing space for women to gather together, we allow women to begin to live authentically to themselves.

Do you feel called to lead sacred circles in your community? Do you feel you are a healer? Are you on the path of awakening the sacred feminine within?

We are offering this opportunity to a very limited amount of women who feel called to lead sacred women's circles!

In this sacred space, you will learn how to lead sacred circles, sacred topics, how to maintain a sacred space, how to approach conflict, how to hold moon ceremonies, using sacred tools, how to powerfully guide circles and more!

Women who complete our training will gain the sacred title of~

Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix

Women who choose to join us for this transformative training will also be listed on under 'find a women's circle'.

If you are ready to be a sacred guide for women and live this powerful path, join us for this empowering certification program! Our next round begins March 2018!

Women who complete this training will be certified to lead sacred women's circles worldwide. Women who live this path fully and authentically will be invited back in 2018 to complete our Level 2 training - to lead Goddess Retreats. If you would like a life of travel holding retreats for women, this training may call to you!

Leading sacred circles has been the most life changing experience of our lives. If you are meant to walk this sacred path too, join us!

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