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  • Cassandra Wilder

22 Self Care Ideas

Self care is one of the most nourishing tools we can offer ourselves as women. Using self care to rejuvenate and recenter ourselves is not only healthy, but vital.

Self care is any practice that you feel "refills your cup" or rejuvenates you. As women, we are often so busy helping and supporting others that we forget to take care of ourselves and get burnt out or exhausted as result. Self care is our opportunity to take care of ourselves!

Below are 22 Self Care ideas if you are not sure where to start or would just like new ideas. Self care should be done regularly - maybe for some daily and for others just once a week. Finding a rhythm that feels good to you is key. The new moon time and when we menstruate are our two most important times to practice self care.

22 Self Care Ideas~

1. Take a hot bath, light candles, burn some incense and r e l a x. Some women enjoy turning on some soothing music while others prefer to soak up silence.

2. Go to a relaxing restorative or yin yoga class. It's best to do soothing, gentle practices when practicing self care. Restorative and yin yoga classes are deeply relaxing and provide lovely deep stretches.

3. Treat yourself to your favorite food at home or go out to a quiet, ambient restaurant.

4. Get a massage or energy work done and let your body melt into the table. This is our personal favorite self care practice!

5. Find a book you love and curl up in a hammock or outdoors to the sounds of nature.

6. Go swimming in a lake or inspiring body of water and let your body float on the surface.

7. Take a nap in the middle of the day.

8. Sunbathe outdoors and soak up the warm sunshine.

9. Go on a hike to your favorite place in nature.

10. Turn on some music in your living room and begin to let your body sway and move.

11. Find an audiobook that is uplifting and listen to that while relaxing.

12. Create a space in your home that is free of clutter and is simple. Make this your meditation space and fill it with things that inspire you. (think candles, flowers, incense etc.)

13. Try a new hobby- purchase some paint or try your hand at drawing.

14. Have a small gathering with like-minded women at home. Serve hot tea and hold a mini women's circle together.

15. Let your body rest in bed for a few minutes before getting up.

16. Do an at home fascial or pedicure to relaxing music.

17. Buy a diffuser and use aromatherapy in your home. Scents like lavender, frankincense and lemon are lovely,

18. Buy yourself fresh flowers each week.

19. Go to a women's circle.

20. Find a local sound healing event or South Bath and go enjoy the healing sounds.

21. Take a couple hours to do absolutely nothing.

22. Find what refills your cup.


I have kids! How can I practice self care?

If possible, make one night a week where they go to a friend's house or ask your partner to support you in creating space for yourself.

I don't think I can make time for myself?

Why not? If you are running on empty how can you offer love to others? Self care and self love are one and the same. :)

Excited to practice self care or have a favorite self care practice? Comment below!

With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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