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New Moon in Taurus April 2017

On April 26th, 2017, the moon aligns in Taurus under the dark moon. While the sky is dark as the moon is hidden, the shifting astrology is very present.

Taurus is an earth sign - the first earth sign in the astrological chart - and is associated with security, stability, comfort and direct motion. Symbolized by the bull, a taurus energy can be strong but also stubborn for change.

Because taurus is so deeply connected to our overall sense of safety and belonging in this world, having this alignment happen now with the new moon time is a beautiful reminder of "Where are you safe in life?" and "Where do you feel unsafe?"

Looking at our lives without judgement is a healthy practice to do regularly to see what needs to be shifted. Taking space to reflect on where you feel safe in life and where you feel compromised is key.

If you are in a space of transition or are beginning to shift the way you live dramatically, you have probably already felt this. Taurus naturally pulls us to hold onto what makes us feel secure. Be aware that during this moon time, you may feel gravitated to "hold onto" something that may feel safe but is not necessarily good for you. This could be a relationship you are beginning to leave or a friendship, a job, a home, a personality trait, even what you think you love. Feeling this deep rooted earth energy propels us to find what makes us safe.

This can be liberating or this can be entrapping.

If you are not transitioning in your life, you may feel some stagnation or think that things are not aligning for you.

Do you feel grounded and safe in your life in general?

As Spring approaches for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, taking this time to connect to the earth will help to balance the taurus shifts. Standing with your feet in the grass or leaning against a tree will all help to ground you.

Mercury is still in Retrograde for another week or so - make space for yourself to relax and unplug. For some, mercury in retrograde can make planning, relationships and thoughts more difficult to navigate and feel unsustainable. Learn more about thriving when mercury goes retrograde here.

The new moon time is a space of renewal, letting go and resting. The most important time to practice self care, allow yourself to treat yourself to something that refills you.

The Taurus new moon is above all a time to reconnect to the earth and remember that you hold the stability to your own life. Sinking into a deeper understanding of self and processing triggers will help you sit in a space of power. The things that happen around us do not have to determine our safety and stability.

Lunar love and gratitude to all of you~

Why do we share these lunar updates?

Because cultures all over the world have tracked the stars and movement of planets for thousands of years. Understanding the shifts in the universe provide us with tools to understand why things may be shifting in our own lives. As women, we naturally are connected to all things around us and often are already feeling these shifts.

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