• Cassandra Wilder

Wild Goddess Yoga: a sacred fusion of Yoga and the Sacred Feminine

As I write this, I am in Costa Rica just beginning to end our 7 day Goddess Retreat in Costa Rica with 14 incredible women. Every morning during this retreat, we have practiced an hour of yoga on the beautiful yoga deck overlooking the forest and we have been practicing our own type of yoga. We call this beautiful yoga flow: Wild Goddess Yoga.

Women during our retreats always find this yoga different and resonate differently for them. Less about the physical practice of yoga and more about the body awareness and spiritual practices, Wild Goddess Yoga is a powerful way for women to begin to sink into their own bodies and sacred ways.

Wild Goddess is a sacred way to move with intention, power and grace in a safe and sacred setting. We do not focus on pushing through and moving quickly, but rather we focus on sending our bodies compassion and moving in a way that feels good for our bodies.

Wild Goddess Yoga focuses on intention, connection and grace. There is no competition or forceful nature. Instead, we focus on moving mindfully with breath and gratitude.

Imagine walking into a yoga space in nature that is surrounded by trees and the warm sun is filtering down. Birds are singing and you feel centered, calm, at peace. A drop of essential oil is brought around to each person to help you sink deeper into presence. We begin slowly, moving with our breath and leading heart centered. There is no competition or judgement, only love. Gentle adjustments are given to help keep students safe and then you find yourself in a pose that just fits for you. Your body feels strong, connected, ignited. Your breath helps continue to guide you through the motions and you feel alive. The class warms up more and we begin to move more now, breathing deeper and letting the body move with intention. As the close winds down, we move onto our backs and ground to the earth. Burning palo santo fills your breath with warmth. Empowering quotes and songs are sung at the end, filling you to the brim with peace. Savasana is long and gives you the space to really sink into silence.

Wild Goddess Yoga is different than most yoga classes because we focus completely on moving with what feels right to you.

We will be announcing a Wild Goddess Yoga training for women who are already certified yoga instructors and who want to be able to support their female students even better. Join our mailing list to keep up with announcements!

Wild Goddess Yoga is included with all GoddessCeremony Retreats. Hearing the call? Join us for one!

I honor the light within you~

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