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  • Cassandra Wilder

How to Manifest Powerfully and Effectively in Your Life!

If you have been to a GoddessCeremony retreat or event with us, you understand the significance of Manifestation. We spend a lot of time in each retreat to empower women and teach them that what they are seeking in life is closer than they think.

You've probably heard of manifestation. The movie "The Secret" really popularized the term and brought new awareness to people all over the world. So what is it?

Manifestation is asking the Universe for what you want and need.

Tapping into the universal source energy around us, we can begin to manifest, or ask for the things we feel we want to call into our lives.

Some of the most common things I see women manifest include a partner, a new job, a life that allows them to travel, more financial abundance, a group of close friends, a job in nature and to be able to live in a dream location.

Manifestation is powerful because it weaves our desires with universal creation.

How do I know it works?

I started using manifestation a few years back. I had heard about it from a friend and felt like I had nothing to lose by trying it. I had always dated the same type of man back then and really wanted to attract a man more like me, one that I didn't have to financially take care of, one who loved to travel and who really appreciated life. So I wrote out my manifestation. I wrote out this man that I felt would be in beautiful alignment.

After I finished, I closed my notebook and soon forgot about this manifestation. It wouldn't be until about 6 months later in the jungle of Costa Rica that I would realize that I had just met that man. We talked for a long time and then I told him about my list. He matched everything on there except for 2 or 3 things. He listened for a long time and then went and shuffled through a binder and pulled out his manifestation he had made a few years ago. He read it and then looked up at me, shocked, surprised and happy all at once. I matched everything on his list except for 2 things.

Call it coincidence, call it chance. But this was manifestation. Down to my freckles, his manifestation was me.

Fully aware now of the power of manifestation, I began to use this sacred tool more in my life. I manifested this beautiful platform. I manifested a school to become a Naturopathic Doctor that I have now just finished.

How can you implement this incredible tool into your life? Here's how:

1. Come to a quiet, relaxed space and really ask yourself what you want to invite in. Light some candles, burn some palo santo and sit in a healing space. Really allow yourself to be honest with your needs and desires. Have you been scraping by for years and now really want to attract more financial abundance? Are you ready to invite in a partner who is conscious and wise?

2. Get a piece of paper and begin to write. It's powerful to just write and doodle for 20 minutes or so to really get yourself into the feeling of what it would be like to have this. What would it feel like to have this amazing partner?

3. After you feel clear about what you want to attract, it's time to manifest. The first key component of manifestation is to write in a present tense, affirmation way. It's very important to write as though you already have what you are inviting in.

Avoid: "I will have a partner who is kind. He will be patient with me and fun."

Better: "I have an incredible, conscious partner who is kind and patient. He is fun and warm hearted..."

Write out all that you want in this present tense. You already have these things. Share about how incredible it is.

4. The next key component is to be very specific. Remember, you will get what you ask for. Especially when manifesting a relationship or money, it's very wise to be very specific. With a relationship for example, simply writing "he is fun and loves me" is great, but it's super vague. There are millions of men that might fit that description. What really do you want in this relationship?

Better: "My partner is a spiritual teacher and loves to travel. He enjoys spending a few months each year traveling with me and together we explore beautiful areas across the world. He adores nature and loves to hike, ski and rock climb. He is a fantastic chef and appreciates organic, artistic food..."

See the difference?

5. Key component number 3 is to write all of this is a positive way. This can get tricky but is VERY important. Within manifestation, it is absolutely necessary to write things out in a positive way.

Avoid: "My husband loves nature and doesn't like sports."

Better: "My husband loves nature and spends as much time as possible in the outdoors. He loves hiking in the forest and..."

You'll find that if you use too many "negative" words that you will end up attracting a person who loves sports or the things you said he would not do. It's a great habit to get into to speak and write positively. Allow yourself to get creative!

6. After you have written out your manifestation, in present-tense, with positive words and in a specific way, your manifestation will be ready!

7. Tuck it away somewhere safe (you'll want it later when you realize that you manifested this amazing experience / person / place) and then find a healing space. Surrender to the universe's wisdom and the divine alignment of all things. Trust that what you manifested will align for you if done correctly and if made with a loving, pure heart. Take some deep breaths, sing, bow in gratitude, smile. The universe is aligning all of this to come to you. Surrender to how it will align and when. It will align in the most perfect time.

Manifestation is an incredible tool for transformation. Trust in the wisdom of the universal flow and all things will align. Be patient, trust and hold a space of love.

It's coming.

Want to learn more about manifestation?

Listen to our podcast all about manifesting and how to create the life of your dreams here!

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Or, sign up for our Manifestation Transformation online training to dive into manifestation even deeper!

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